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Adult Education/Learning

Title: Bridges to Opportunity for Underprepared Adults: A State Policy Guide for Community College Leaders
Author: Bridges to Opportunity Institute
Status: Available

Desc: Increasing global competition and rising income inequality pose serious challenges for the continued economic and social vitality of the United States. Reports describing this situation are generally persuasive about the nature of these challenges, but the solutions they offer are often too broad or impractical. This guide, based on lessons from the Ford Foundation funded Community College Bridges to Opportunity Initiative, offers practical strategies and tools for addressing an important but often overlooked part of the problem: the need to provide large numbers of working-age adults with education and training that will allow them to secure jobs paying wages sufficient to support their families and real opportunities for social mobility in American society.

Title: Teaching for Transformation
Author: Patricia Cranton
Status: Available

Desc: In teaching for transformation, teachers set the stage and provide the environment in which students can articulate and critically reflect on their assumptions and perspectives.

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