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Student Development

Title: Campus Confidential: The Complete Guide to the College Experience by Students for Students
Author: Robert H. Miller
APA: Miller, R.H. (2006). Campus confidential: The complete guide to the college experience by students for students. San Francisco, CA; Jossey-Bass.
Status: Available

Don't get to the end of your college career wishing you had 'figured it all out' sooner. If you want to know what to do and what not to do to take full advantage of the opportunities for educational and social growth and success in college—this is the book for you!

Campus Confidential is the ultimate insider's guide to surviving and thriving in college. Written in a friendly, conversational style, Campus Confidential offers a comprehensive, chronological treatment of the college experience by the author, a Yale graduate, and a blue-ribbon panel of fourteen diverse 'mentors' from colleges and universities around the country. But this is not just another fluff-filled freshman handbook. Campus Confidential is the complete guide to the college experience—providing solid, road-tested advice for every stage of the process, from high school students getting ready to apply, to college seniors looking for jobs or applying to graduate school, and everything in between.

Campus Confidential first takes you step-by-step through the college admissions process, with chapters on how to conduct a productive college search, prepare for the SAT, write effective applications, and use the famed 'Relevance Calculus' to choose the college that best matches your interests. It then discloses the ten things you must do as soon as you arrive on campus.

Campus Confidential takes you through a goal-setting workshop at the beginning of each year of college, teachers you how to stay safe on campus, demystifies fraternities and sororities, and provides advice on living with roommates, developing effective study habits and time management strategies, choosing a major, making choices about sex, drugs, and alcohol, acing final exams and term papers, going abroad, writing a thesis, deciding what to do after college, and much, much more.

Simply put, Campus Confidential is the one 'must –have,' complete college survival handbook that you cannot afford to be without.

Title: College Learning and Study Skills (4th Edition)
Author: Longman, D. G., & Atkinson, R.H.
APA: Longman, D.G., & Atkinson, R.H. (1996). College Learning and Study Skills (4th ed.). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Company
Status: Available

Desc: We wrote the first, second, and third editions of College Learning and Study Skills to help students succeed and prosper in college. Specifically, we intended to help students develop strategies for time management, study skills, test taking, using their libraries, and writing research papers. In addition, we sought to accomplish four objectives: to provide information in a context suitable for postsecondary developmental learners; to help postsecondary developmental students become more active learners; to explain the mental processes involved in learning/ and to incorporate recent theories and research into reading and study skills instruction at the postsecondary level.

Title: Cornerstone: Building on Your Best (4th Edition)
Author: Sherfield, R. M., Montgomery, R. J., & Moody P. G.
APA: Sherfield, R. M., Montgomery, R. J., & Moody P. G. (2005). Cornerstone: Building on Your Best (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall
Status: Available

Desc: Always known for its concrete applications, the fourth edition of Cornerstone: Building on Your Best builds on that strength by providing accessible models, real-life examples, and practical strategies that students can successfully apply in their own academic and personal lives.

Special features:

Updated and enhanced At This Moment self-assessments guide students through goal setting and self-reflection exercises that foster academic, personal, and social sefl-improvement.

Expanded Blueprints for Change include real-life case studies that personalize chapter concepts, with activities that help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

A Change Implementation Model in Chapter 1 guides students through a practical five-step process for designing and implementing strategies for positive change.

A new Chapter 3, Persist, helps students learn skills and locate the resources necessary to navigate the waters of academic life.

Title: Exploring the Internet Using Critical Thinking Skills: A Self-Paced Workbook For Learning To Effectively Use The Internet And Evaluate Online Information
Author: Debra Jones
APA: Jones, D. (1998). Exploring the internet using critical thinking skills: A self-paced workbook for learning to effectively use the internet and evaluate online information. New York, NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.
Status: Available

Desc: N/A

Title: Foundations: A Reader for New College Students
Author: Virginia N. Gordon and Thomas L. Minnick
APA: Gordon, V.N., & Minnick, T.L. (2002). Foundations: A reader for new college students (2nd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

Desc: This unique collection of articles helps you get a head start on exploring critical questions important to your success. Why am I in college? What can I expect and how will I change? How can I succeed academically? How does technology affect me? What should I know about careers? What are my rights and responsibilities? What is diversity and why is it important to me? Does life after college mean future success or future shock? Virginia N. Gordon and Thomas L. Minnick include several articles on each topic, giving you the chance to consider a number of different perspectives.

Featuring many new articles, this Second Edition adds coverage of the Internet and researching online, legal issues involved in using online material, email and other electronic communication, distance learning, values, racism, career patterns for the 21st century, and many other topics. Both timeless and current, Foundations is a great beginning to your college career.

Title: LEARNING SUCCESS: Being Your Best at College & Life (3rd Edition)
Author: Wahlstrom, C., & Williams B. K.
APA: Wahlstrom, C., & Williams B. K. (2002). LEARNING SUCCESS: Being Your Best at College & Life (3rd ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Thomson Learning
Status: Available

Desc: LEARNING SUCCESS: Bring Your Best at College & Life is a college textbook intended for use in College Success and First-Year Experience courses. We have written the book not only for traditional students but also for part-timers, parents, working students, commuters, and other nontraditional students.

The book provides a practical philosophy based on action. Our goal is to help students...

- Be the best in college: We show students how to master the academic and personal skills needed to succeed in higher education-how to manage their time, improve their reading and note-taking skills, handle finances, work toward their career goals, and so on.

- And thus be the best in life: We show students how the skills one needs for success in college are the same skills one needs for success in life-in work, in relationships, in stress management, in finances. We pay great attention to the connection between higher education and achieving one's goals in life.

The Three Secrets to College & Life Success

SECRET # 1 – STAYING POWER: Persistence, commitment, and discipline are necessary for achievement-in college and out.

SECRET #2 – MINDFULNESS: Becoming a mindful learner and thinker lead to greater success-in college and out.

SECRET #3-INFORMATION LITERACY: Achieving information literacy means learning how to find, evaluate, and use information of all kinds.

Title: RIGHT FROM THE START: Taking Charge of Your College Success (4th Edition)
Author: Holkeboer, R., & Walker, L.
APA: Holkeboer, R., & Walker, L. (2004). RIGHT FROM THE START Taking Charge of Your College Success (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Thomson Inc.
Status: Available

Desc: Open this book and you're already on the right track. You'll discover success in no accident, nor necessarily the by-product of exceptional brain power. From the very first pages of RIGHT FROM THE START, you'll begin to take charge of your academic life and, at the same time, learning skills to ensure personal and professional success.

Emphasizing self-management and strategic planning, Robert Holkeboer and Laurie Walker use "Five Principles of Learning" throughout this book to promote the kind of individual and collaborative learning that can bring success. You'll practice identifying problems, considering possible solutions, selecting the best ones- so you can take action! Through a variety of practical hands-on applications, RIGHT FROM THE START encourages you to think critically about your habits and how they relate to chapter topics. Each chapter begins with a "Self-Assessment" and ends with a strategic plan, "Analyze This," where you create your own personal action plan for success.

Step by step, this book helps you meet the challenges you may face during your fist week of college, master key academic and study skills, and, perhaps most importantly, deal with personal and interpersonal issues that are part of the successful college experience.

Title: Supercharge Your Study Skills: From F to Phi Beta Kappa
Author: Lance O. Ong
APA: Ong, L.O. (2004). Supercharge your study skills: From F to Phi Beta Kappa. San Francisco, CA: Chromisphere Press.
Status: Available

Desc: Are you looking for straightforward advice on studying well? With this book you will gain—in short reading—the knowledge that would take you years to acquire. You will discover hundreds of tips and find easy-to-digest instructions with illustrations, examples, and checklists. Whether you are in your first year or your fourth, From F to Phi Beta Kappa gives you expert guidance on study strategies that will take you to graduation.

You will learn how to:

 - Increase study efficiency

 - Improve grades

 - Reduce stress

 - Reach your potential faster

Gain the most from your college education

 - From F to Phi Betta Kappa is:

 - Suitable for all majorsTailored for students whose grades range from B to F

 - Direct and to the point

Title: The Community College Experience
Author: Amy Baldwin
APA: Baldwin, A. (2005). The community college experience. Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.
Status: Available

Desc: The Community College Experience is a unique book that speaks to a growing and significant body of students. Clear and sensible, it provides a new perspective for those students just leaving high school as well as those returning to academia through the community college system.

The Community College Experience:

Presents valuable information for adjusting to and transitioning into college.

Addresses personal and academic issues that are important to this specific group of students.

Offers encouragement in a straightforward, honest manner.

Features include:

Student Profiles—offering true and easily relatable connections for students.

Integrity Matters—addressing how attitude and maturity influence success.

From College to University—aiding students who transfer to a four-year university.

From College to Career—aiding students who go directly from college into a career.

Title: The Evolution of American Educational Technology
Author: Paul Saettler
APA: Saettler, P. (1990). The evolution of American educational technology. Greenwich, CT: Information Age Publishing.
Status: Available

Desc: The history of technology (and of science, for that matter) is a relatively new professional area for historians that, with the great explosion in technology occurring in this century, has become increasingly popular. In a large sense, Paul Saettler's work is in this new tradition. The history of technology is a difficult area to work in, as Lynn White, Jr. one of the leading historians in this field, has pointed out. Knowledge in the general area of the history of technology is as yet so sketchy that some of the existing compilations have been referred to as the 'codification of error.' Historical work in all aspects of technology is badly needed. Hence, the present book is especially valuable in adding to our knowledge of technology in education.

Title: Why Business Thinking Is Not The Answer: Good To Great And The Social Sectors
Author: Jim Collins
Status: Available

Desc: N/A

Title: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum
Author: Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen
APA: Behrens, L. and Rosen, L. J. (2000). Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum (7th ed.). New York, NY: Longman.
Status: Available

Desc: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum not only defined the field – for many years, it was the field. The seventh edition of this best-selling text continues the tradition that has ensured its success – innovation, currency, and an engaging writing style.

Title: Your College Experience Strategies for Success Media Edition (5th Edition)
Author: John N. Gardner , Jewel Jerome A.
APA: Gardner, J. (2003) Your College Experience Strategies for Success Media Edition 5th Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Group
Status: Available

Desc: Just as first-year students are forever learning new ways to succeed, we as dedicated textbook authors are forever discovering new ways to help them. Both of us had shaky beginnings in college, yet by using common sense and relying on the advice of others, we made it. Not once during our college years did we realize what powerful effect those college years would have on the rest of our lives. As founders and dedicated supporters of the First-Year Experience movement, we always have kept two ideas foremost in our minds:

We believe that every student admitted to college possesses the ability to succeed.

As educators, we are responsible for providing dedicated support to that belief, customized as much as possible to the unique needs of individual students.

This new fifth media edition of Your College Experience continues to focus on these vital goods. We have received tremendous assistance in this major revision by the input of instructors who have used this text before, reviewers, our Wadsworth editorial staff, new experts who assisted us in the preparation of many of these chapters, and of course, students.

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