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Transition from High School Resources

The following site, from Southern Methodist University, provides a detailed comparison of High School and College in the areas of Responsibility, Grading, Testing, Teachers/Professors, and Success. The site provides guiding principles that outline the key differences and provides tips for the transition. There is also a link to time management and other student success resources.

The following article, from Faculty Focus, outlines several key issues incoming high school students face, and suggests a method by which you can help students better understand and perhaps manage the differences.

The report at presents the results of a college readiness study by Conley published in 2007 that presents one model of college readiness that might help us understand and support students. The components for this model include:

  • Key Cognitive Strategies: These "are patterns of intellectual behavior that lead to the development of cognitive strategies and capabilities necessary for college-level work."
  • Academic Knowledge and Skills: Knowledge in Writing and Research is primary, followed by skills learned in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Language, and Arts classes.
  • Academic Behaviors: "The key academic behaviors consist largely of self-monitoring skills and study skills."
  • Contextual Skills and Awareness: "Contextual factors encompass primarily the privileged information necessary to understand how college operates as a system and culture."

The following article, from the New England Journal of Higher Education, summarizes some key research results about how to help student bridge the gap from high shool to college.

This link leads to a document compiled by Scott Hamilton, a counselor at CRC, that outlines key differences in services and expectations for students with disabilities in K-12 compared to College.

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