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Research Office

CRC Student Success

External Reports

The State Chancellor's Office developed a series of "Core Indicators Reports" for vocational programs using data from the State MIS: State Chancellor's Office "Core Indicators Reports"

Internal Reports

This report analyzes the cohort of first time students in 2005-06 used to calculate the Student Progress and Achievement Rate in the Accountability Report for Community Colleges.

This report provides an expanded view of CRC's transfer function based on a review of NSLC data.

The following report examine the number of CRC students who transferred to a public university between 2005-06 and 2009-10: CRC Student Transfers

The following web-based query allows employees to find the number of CRC students who were awarded a Degree and/or Certificate in a particular academic year: CRC Degrees and Certificates Awarded (web-based queries)

The following report examines the fall-to-spring student persistence of CRC students from Fall 2002 through Fall 2007 (persistence is defined as a student enrolling in a particular fall semester who enrolls in the subsequent spring semester): CRC Student Persistence Rates

The following report examines the GPA and average course success rates of CRC students from Fall 2007 through Fall 2011.  For the purposes of the study, the success rate was defined by the total number of courses completed with an "A","B","C" or "CR" divided by the total number of courses completed. Those courses dropped by the student before the drop deadline were excluded from the analyses: CRC Student Course Success Rates

The following reports by Dr. Jeanne Edman examined the relationship between a student's perception of their efficacy to handle college-level work and their actual collegiate performance:

CRC has participated in the Noel-Levitz student satisfaction survey for over 10 years. The following are summary reports of CRC student responses to the survey by the year it was administered:

The CRC Research Office, using data from the SARS Counselor Appointment System, examined a possible relationship between seeing a counselor and overall course success: Relationship Between Seeing a Counselor and Course Success 

Web Based Queries

The following links allow users to run customized reports about various outcomes and success measures:

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