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Research Office

CRC Community

This page contains information about the county and communities the college serves and includes a geographical mapping of CRC enrollments, Environmental scans (courtesy of the LRCCD Research Office) as well as analyses of the CRC service area.

External Scans

Geographical mapping of CRC enrollments over a 10-county area surrounding CRC: CRC Student Enrollment Map (10 Counties Surrounding CRC)

Geographical mapping of District wide enrollment for each College: Los Rios District Student Enrollment Map By College

External environmental scan of the service area served by Los Rios (courtesy of LRCCD Research Office): Los Rios District Key Issues for Planning (2010) 

2010 Census Quick Facts about Elk Grove ( the area south of the college)

2010 Elk Grove Demographics

2010 Census Quick Facts about Florin CDP (the area north west of the college)

2010 Florin CDP Demographics

2010 Census Quick Facts about Sacramento (Including South Sacramento and Valley Hi Area)

2010 Sacramento Demographics

Link to selected 2010 Census Data for the 95823 zip code (includes the ability to search for other zip codes and CDPs in California)

State Accountability Reports for EGUSD schools

State Accountability Reports for SCUSD High Schools

Internal Scans

Geographical mapping of CRC student enrollments to assist in the placement of the Proposed CRC Educational Center in Elk Grove: Geoocded CRC Enrollments for Center Planning

Analyses of the attendance patterns of students relative to the service area: CRC Service Area Analyses

Fall enrollment of recent high school graduates from 2006-2011

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