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Athletic Counseling





Which assessment test do I have to take?

Typically you will need to take both the English and Math assessment tests. Scores are available immediately after completion of the assessment tests in the Assessment Center, L106C. If you have completed college level courses in either area the athletic counselor might recommend that you don't take the assessment tests. Also, student athletes maybe required to take the English exam to meet the reading competence requirement as part of the Associate Arts/Science Degree. Student athletes should talk to the athletic counselor for specific situations.

How do I register (add) a class?

You may register for a class online through e-Services, over the automated phone system, or in person. If you are unable to add a class during the regular priority or open registration period, attend the first class meeting. Although wait-listed students get first consideration for available seats, it is still possible to add a class. If there is space available, the instructor will give you a Permission Number. Use that number along with the class number to register online or in person by the appropriate deadline.

Must I have transcripts on file from my other college before I enroll?

You may enroll in classes without having other official transcripts on file with the Admissions Office. However, you need to have with you transcripts of any courses attempted or completed at other institutions when you meet with your counselor. Make sure you request transcripts to be sent to the CRC Admissions Office. A form for requesting transcripts is available online at the Admissions page.

How do I drop a class?

YOU are responsible (not the instructor) for withdrawing from classes in which you are officially enrolled. Depending on the time of year, student athletes must first talk to the Athletic Counselor before you can drop the class and than you will have to drop the class in person at Admissions and Records. If you are planning on making any changes to your class schedule, you are STRONGLY encouraged to meet with the Athletic Counselor. Other forms of dropping a class are online (student athletes will only be able use these methods of dropping a class at the beginning of each semester). If you fail to attend a class in which you are officially enrolled and do not drop the class by the appropriate deadline, you are still liable for the fees and may receive an “F” or “W” grade.

How many units are required to be considered full-time?

Twelve (12) units per semester are considered full-time during fall and spring. Seven units are considered full-time for summer session. A minimum of 15 units per semester are needed to graduate with an associate degree in two years. Talk with the Athletic Counsleor for recommendations about number of units for your enrollment plan and for your athletic eligibility.

How do I contact an instructor?

Instructors are available by telephone/voice mail through the appropriate area office or you can search the faculty and staff directory. Most instructors provide information to contact them via telephone or email in the syllabus or other handouts at the beginning of a course. Office hours may vary; students are advised to check with the area office for a particular instructor’s office hours. It is the student’s responsibility to contact an instructor if the student will miss a class due to an absence.

What is the Student Access Card?

Your Student Access card is your official college ID card. Use it to get into college sports events and other campus activities where student identification is required. The card is also your Regional Transit Pass for the semester, your college Library card, and your Go Print card for making photocopies at any college in the Los Rios District. Some stores and merchants also offer discounts to students.

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What are the current fees to attend CRC?

Fees are subject to change. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes for current fees. At the time of this publication, the General Enrollment Fee is $26 per unit for students who have met the California Residency Requirement. Out of state tuition for students who have not met the California Residency Requirement is $207 per unit (includes the $26/unit enrollment fee). International Student Tuition for students who are both a resident and citizen of a foreign country is $225 per unit (includes the $26/unit enrollment fee). Other fees include the $1 Student Representation Fee, and the Universal Transit Pass fee of $5 - $15, depending upon total number of units enrolled. Parking permits are $30 for automobiles ($20 for BOGW recipients) and $15 for motorcycles.

How do I pay for my fees?

Payment for enrollment fees is due within 10 calendar days from the day you register for classes. Below are the ways you can pay fees.

  1. Online: through e-Services.
  2. By mail: make check payable to Los Rios Community College District and send to the Business Office at Cosumnes River College.
  3. In person at the College Business Office.

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Do I need to make an appointment to see Athletic Counselor?

Yes, you can make an appointment to see the Athletic Counselor by calling (916) 691-7316.

If I am planning to compete on a CRC sport team are there any particular classes I have to register up for?

Yes, the Athletic Counselor will discuss with you what classes you need to register for. You can schedule an appointment by calling (916) 691-7316.

What is an SEP (Student Educational Plan)?

The Student Educational Plan is a planning tool designed to assist you in completing your educational goals at Cosumnes River College. It is required that all student athletes have a plan on file. Your educational plan can be completed by making an appointment to see the athletic counselor.

If I want to transfer to a four-year college or university, what should I do?

You need to meet with the Athletic Counselor who will assist you in choosing appropriate courses necessary for transfer. You may also talk with representatives from various four-year colleges and universities about course work, housing, financial aid and more. To schedule an appointment with a representative, please call the Transfer Center at (916) 691-7479.

What are general education courses?

General education courses are those classes which are outside of a student's major course of study and cover a wide range of disciplines such as the natural sciences, humanities and fine arts, language and reasoning, the social sciences, etc. This broadening and expansion of academic fields helps to complement those courses in a student's major, which tend to focus and specialize knowledge in a particular field.

Where can I get help with time management and study habits?

Enroll in the Human Career Development 310 – College Success course or HCD 122 - Study Skills, where topics covered include: motivation and discipline, memory development, time management, communication skills, career planning, study skills and techniques, question-asking skills and personal issues that face many college students. Also, check for flyers on additional workshops on these topics offered by other Student Services programs.

How do I request my CRC official transcript?

A written request with your signature is required to obtain an official transcript. Forms are available online or at the Admissions Office windows in the College Center. You may submit a request in person, by mail or by sending a fax to (916) 691-7467. Include your name, student ID number, date of birth, social security number, where you wish the transcript sent, and your signature. You may request two official transcripts at no charge, and there is a $5 fee for each one thereafter. A $10 charge is required for same-day, hand carried official transcripts.

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Does Cosumnes River College help students pay for enrollment fees and college expenses?

Yes, the college has a Financial Aid Office for students who qualify. To apply for an enrollment fee waiver (BOG Waiver), you must complete the application available at the Financial Aid Office or at the Information Desk in the College Center. To apply for Federal student aid (grants, work study, loans), you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA process begins in January for the following school year. See the Financial Aid Office staff or representatives in the College Center for assistance or questions.

Does CRC help students find work to help pay for college expenses?

Yes, the Federal College Work Study Program offers student employment to eligible students (check with the Financial Aid Office regarding eligibility). The Cooperative Work Experience and Internship Program helps student earn money or college credit for jobs off campus (691-7372). Also, check the Los Rios LINCS to Hire Education job site at , click on "Support Services", then "Career Center". Here is where students and alumni can register to find employment or post a resume.

I have a disability. Where should I go for assistance?

You can go to the Disability Support Program and Services (DSP&S) office on campus. It is located in Building P57 on the east side of campus or call 691-7347.

Are there any programs that help pay for books?

The EOP&S program provides book grants to students who meet the eligibility requirements. Contact the EOP&S Office at 691-7365. The Student Support Center offers a book loan program. Also, check with the CRC Library for possible text books on reserve.

What is EOPS?

Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) is an academic support program for students who are educationally and economically disadvantage. The goal is to help students be successful in college by offering a comprehensive array of services and assistance. To inquire about eligibility, see the staff at the Student Support Center, L106 in the Library Building or call 691-7365.

I think I need tutoring for my classes, where do I go?

Tutorial assistance is available at no charge for all students who need academic help. Inquire at the Tutorial & Learning Support Center located in the Library Building, L 303, or call 691-7425. Also consider taking one of the Human Career Development classes, which help students with academic planning, study skills, and other knowledge necessary to reach educational objectives. See a counselor for more information about the courses.

What clubs are available on campus?

Over thirty clubs are active on campus. A list of clubs is available from the Student Development Office in the Library Building. Each club has a faculty advisor, and a mailbox in the Student Development Office. Call 691-7315 for information about joining or organizing a club.

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I am looking for housing or a roommate, do you have assistance?

There is a housing bulletin board located near the Library. Contact the Student Development Office, located in Library Building, Room L 103, for posting notices, or call (916) 691-7315.

I’m having problems with transportation, do you have assistance?

Check with the Student Development Office, located in the Library Building, Room L 103, regarding Regional Transit bus schedules and car pool availability.

Is there a bus service to the college?

Regional Transit and Elk Grove’s E-Tran provides service at the east side of campus. Transportation to some areas may require a transfer of buses. Check with the Student Development Office, located in the Library Building, Room L103, for schedule information, or call the 24-hour TeleTransit line at 321-BUSS (2877) for route and trip-planning information.

How do I obtain a parking permit?

Pre-pay for the permit and avoid standing in line! Use the payment coupon (download online or pick one up in the College Center) to pre-pay for the permit, and it will be mailed to your address of record (be sure your address on file is current and accurate). You may also purchase the permit at the Cashier window in the College Center. Parking permits are not available online. One parking permit is valid for every location in the Los Rios Community College District, including centers such as El Dorado or West Sacramento.

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What is the process to graduate from CRC?

Once you have already completed or anticipate completing all course and unit requirements for your degree, than you need to meet with a CRC counselor to fill out a graduation petition within the term you wish to graduate. Pay attention to the graduation petition deadline that usually occurs at the beginning of each semester (check the class schedule for more details). Once you and the counsleor have completed the graduation petition, forward it to the Admissions Office for degree certification.

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