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Library Policies


The Library strives to provide students with an environment that is clean, quiet, and conducive to study and academic research. In order to meet this goal, please follow these policies regarding noise, cell phones use, food, drink, and computer use.


The Library and Library Computer Library (LCL) are designed as study areas. In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to study, please follow these guidelines regarding noise in the Library. When talking in the Library or LCL, please speak in a quiet speaking voice. When entering the library, please lower the volume on music listening devices (such as iPods, MP3 players etc.). Some parts of the Library are designated as "quiet zones" including the east side of the main Library level and the upper level of the Library.  If you have to speak in these areas, please use a whisper. Loud or disruptive patrons will be asked to leave the Library.

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Cell Phones

Limited cell phone use is acceptable in some parts of the Library. Cell phones must be silenced or set to vibrate upon entering the Library. You may make and accept cell phone calls while on the main floor of the Library while not in a “quiet zone.” Please be respectful of your fellow Library users and talk in a quiet speaking voice. Loud or disruptive cell phone users will be asked to terminate their calls. Cell phone use is not permitted in the “quiet-zones” on the east side of the main floor or on the upper level of the Library.

Note: Library staff has the right to ask anyone in violation of these policies to leave the Library. Repeat offenders could lose Library privileges or face academic discipline.

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Food and Drink

We understand that productive study and research sometimes requires snacks. In an effort to create an enjoyable Library experience, we have adopted a food and drink policy that is not overly restrictive.  We ask that everyone practice good judgment and follow the guidelines as we strive to maintain a clean and collegial environment for all users.

No Food Zones

The Library Computer Lab and the computer work stations on the main Library floor are "No Food Zones."  Spills and crumbs can be disastrous for expensive computer equipment. No food or drink is allowed in these "No Food Zones."


All drink containers must have lids. "Pop-top" aluminum cans also are acceptable. No drinks are allowed in the Library Computer Lab or near the computer work stations on the main floor. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OF ANY KIND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


With the exception of the "No Food Zones," finger foods or snacks are permitted in the Library. Foods that could damage Library materials, furnishings or facilities (i.e. sticky, greasy, drippy, messy, wet, etc.) are not allowed. Foods that might be disruptive to others (i.e. noisy, smelly, etc.) are not allowed.

Please use the following chart as a guide. Library staff has the right to ask you to discard any food items that are deemed unacceptable.






Burgers or Sandwiches


French Fries or Other Fried Foods



Granola or Energy Bars




Bagels or Muffins

Hot Food from the Cafeteria

Grapes, raisins, or dried fruit

Food Requiring Utensils

***Outside Delivery of Food is NOT Allowed***


We ask that you respect others and your surroundings by practicing the “Leave No Trace”ideal. Please dispose of garbage in trash bins and recyclables in recycle bins (found throughout the Library). Clean your area of crumbs and please report spills or other mishaps to Library staff immediately.

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Computer Use

Users of Library computers must adhere to the Los Rios Community College District Instructional Computer Use Policy. You must be a currently enrolled student and you are not allowed to share your login information. Priority is given to students who are using the computers for Academic Use including CRC coursework, research, and registration. Students using the computer for Non-Academic use may be asked to give up their computer.

  • No eating or drinking allowed near any computers.
  • Inappropriate content-Library and Lab staff reserve the right to ask any computer user to exit from an Internet site or program if the screen image (text or graphic) is considered by staff to be inappropriate for display in this lab.
  • Software and settings- Students may not install software or change computer settings.
  • Students are responsible for any activities performed under their student account. Do not give your username or password to anyone.
  • Always Log Off the computer before you leave.  

Non-compliance could result in suspension of computer privileges or academic discipline.

Note: Non-students may be granted permission to access specially designated computers for research or other college-related activities on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Library staff.

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Library Computer Lab (LCL) Usage

The Library Computer Lab (LCL) is primarily intended for library orientations and library research-specific instruction. The LCL functions secondarily as a campus computer lab for students when it is not being used for library instruction. A sign is posted near the door to provide the availibility of the open lab for students.

Please note that the Library Computer Lab (LCL) may not be booked for classes other than library instruction and limited follow-up research sessions. During the summer session, library instruction will be limited to the availability of the instructional librarians.

If you would like to book the lab for a library instructional session, please contact Rochelle Perez at (916) 691-7629 or

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Public Performance of Library DVDs or Videos

Educational videos, feature films, or other video recordings available from the Cosumnes River College Library may not include public performance rights. This can restrict the item's use in a group or public setting. It is the responsibility of faculty, staff, and students who plan to use videos in a group environment to determine what steps should be taken to comply with copyright law.

Do I Need to Obtain Public Performance Rights?



  • If the screening is open to the public, such as showing a film about sustainability in honor of Earth Day

  • If the screening is in a public space where access is not restricted, such as an instructor showing a film to a class in the Recital Hall, which is open to the public during viewing

  • If persons attending are outside a normal circle of family and acquaintances, such as showing a film to a club or organization or showing a film to a class, but inviting others to attend

  • If an instructor is showing the film to officially registered students in a classroom where content of the film is directly related to the course*

  • If privately viewing the film in your home with friends or a small group of classmates

How Do I Obtain Public Performance Rights?

Some films in the Library's collection include public performance rights that were obtained at the time of purchase. To find out if a film includes these rights, contact librarians, Andi Adkins Pogue at (916) 691-7904 or, or Diana Watkins at (916) 691-7192 or

If library-owned material does not include public performance rights, and it is to be shown publicly outside a classroom setting, it is the borrower's responsibility to contact the copyright holder or a public performance licensing agency to obtain these rights. This process can take up to a week and can involve a fee ranging from $200 - $1000 depending on the circumstances. It is best to arrange licensing as soon as you know the date of your event. You can find more answers to FAQs about public performance licensing at Swank Motion Pictures, Inc or by calling the company directly at 1-800-877-5577.

Tips for Obtaining Public Performance Rights

1. Determine who is the copyright holder or distributor for the title.

  •  Search the CRC Library Catalog (LOIS) - The distributor's information is usually listed under the title; or
  •  Search WorldCat - The world's largest network of library content

2. Contact the copyright holder or distributor and ask about public performance rights; or

3. Contact a licensing agency from which you can purchase a public performance license Two popular agencies:

* Section 110(1) of the Copyright Law, Title 17, U.S. Code, provides an exemption for certain educational uses of video recordings. Specifically, it allows for "performance or display of a work by instructors or pupils in the course of face-to-face teaching activities of a nonprofit educational institution, in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction."

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Collection Development Policy

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Group Study Rooms

Cosumnes River College Library provides seven group study rooms for collaborative work and study.


  • Groups of three (3) or more have priority in using the group study rooms.
  • Students using the study rooms must abide by all Cosumnes River College policies.
  • Rooms are not to be used for regularly scheduled classes or meetings.
  • The Library's two largest study rooms can be reserved up to two days in advance and must be reserved at least one hour before the desired occupancy time. Only groups of three or more can reserve one of these two rooms. Students must have a current Access Card to make a reservation. When not reserved, the two largest study rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • All other rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Dry erase supplies for use on the whiteboards can be checked-out by visiting the Reference Desk.
  • Users must vacate study rooms fifteen minutes before the Library closes.

NOTICE: Students not in compliance with any policies or rules will be asked to leave, may lose study room privileges, and may be subject to the college student discipline process.  

Reserving Large Group Study Rooms

  • The Library's two largest study rooms may be booked up to two days in advance or on Friday for the following Monday. Reservations must be made at least one hour before the desired occupancy time.
  • Only groups of three or more may make a reservation.
  • Reservations are made at the Library's Reference Desk.
  • Rooms will only be reserved for two (2) hours at a time.
  • Reservation requests for a specific room cannot be guaranteed.
  • The Library reserves the right to reassign or cancel reservations to assure the maximum and most appropriate use of its space.
  • At the time of your reservation, at least one member of the study group must check-in with the Librarian at the reference desk and show their Access Card.
  • Study rooms may be renewed only once for an additional two (2) hour period. To renew the room, students must come to the Reference Desk. Renewals will not be granted if other study groups are waiting for a room or if a reservation is in place.
  • Failure to arrive within ten minutes of the reservation could result in loss of the room.


  • Students are responsible for the condition of the rooms they use. Please report any previous damage, graffiti, or other issues to Library staff.
  • Do not use anything on the study room white boards other than dry erase markers and erasers. Please report any damage to the white boards to Library staff.
  • Do not leave personal belongings in study rooms. The Library takes no responsibility for any items left in a study room.
  • Study rooms are not sound-proof. Please keep noise to a respectful level, being mindful of other groups using the surrounding study space.
  • Please abide by the Library's food and drink policy. Delivery of food or consumption of large meals in the group study rooms is not allowed.

NOTICE: Library staff may enter a study room at any time and has the right to refuse the use of study rooms if rules have been violated.

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