CRC Articulation Guidelines

Articulating Your Class with a College Course at CRC

Articulating Your Class with a College Course at CRC


Step 1:  How to Articulate a Class

  1. Decide which specific CRC course you wish to have articulated.Be aware that an articulation agreement can be signed with only one college.Students earn units from one community college; they can petition for course credit if, after high school, they attend a different community college.

  2. Request the CRC official course outline for review by emailing your request to Traci Scott at CRC-HSArticulation (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu

  3. Review the CRC course outline to ensure that your high school course closely approximates the college’s in content, materials and evaluation methods.

  4. Download and complete the CRC High School Course Articulation Agreement form and obtain signatures from appropriate high school/ROP instructor(s) and administrator(s).

  5. Include the High School/ROP Course Outline and the course’s Final Exam with the signed form.Mail all three to:
    Cosumnes River College
    Traci Scott – Outreach Services
    8401 Center Parkway
    Sacramento, CA 95823

  6. Once approved, articulations are valid for two years, unless an earlier review is requested by the college.A member of the college’s High School Articulation Team will contact you about renewal of your application prior to its expiration.

  7. Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the articulation process outline above by email to CRC-HSArticulation (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu

  8. We encourage site visits to specific programs and/or meetings with the faculty at Cosumnes River College.The Articulation Coordinator can arrange such contact, and can be reached at the email address noted above.


 Step 2:  My Class Has Been Articulated.   Now What?

  • Congratulations!  Make sure your students are aware that this is a college-level course and they are eligible to earn credit upon its completion, as long as they earn a grade of A or B in your course and on the final exam.

  • Follow the checklist below to ensure you’re A or B students receive their college credit.

  • The Los Rios Community College District does not award plus or minus grades.Please make sure to indicate whether the student earned a solid A or B when completing the grade roster for your students.

  • Students frequently need assistance understanding the details of articulation and how they receive the college credit.  Please schedule a site visit with a member of the High School Articulation Team early in the Spring Semester to assist with this process.Students are required to apply to the college and obtain a Student ID Number, obtain a signed permission form from a parent or guardian, plus earn the A or B in the course and the final examination to receive college credit.

Checklist for Getting Units Awarded

  1. Contact CRC’s High School Articulation representative in January to begin the process by emailing: CRC-HSArtiuclation (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu

  2. The CRC representative will visit your class; give a brief presentation and assist your students in completing the enrollment application (computer access will be necessary). You will be given the Parent Permission Form the students must have signed and returned to you with their Los Rios ID Number noted on the form.

  3. In May, the CRC High School Articulation representative will email you a grade roster with instructions on submitting it to Cosumnes River College.

  4. At the end of the spring semester, you will need to send in your signed final Grade Roster within 15 days of the course being completed
    CRC Outreach Services
     Attn: Traci Scott– HS Articulation
     8401 Center Parkway
    Sacramento, CA  95823-5799

  5. Students will be awarded credit that appears on an official transcript in the Summer Session following the end of your course, since your school’s spring semester may end after the College’s official term.

  6. Community College Transcripts will identify high school articulated CE courses as “credit by exam – high school articulation”, as required by California Code of Regulations Title 5.California State Universities and University of California campuses (and other transfer institutions) may or may not give credit for high school articulated CE courses.