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A good brand is more than a name, logo or color scheme. Effective branding no only represents who we are, but it’s about connecting with our students, understanding their needs, and then creating a place where we can meet those needs and give them an experience that is unique. Creating this experience, where students feel valued and respected is one of the college’s values. Supporting that experience is the goal of the Public Information Office. Please let us know how we can help you support that work.

The Cosumnes River College logo symbolizes the foundation and gateway to higher education that CRC offers students in the region and beyond. It has a contemporary feel and exemplifies CRC’s commitment to student success.


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CRC logo Stacked 50x50                      CRC logo stacked black and white




CRC logo horizontal color 200x200

CRC logo horizontal black and white


Pantone Blue Circle   Pantone Orange Circle

Pantone 2747 C
C:100 M:85 Y:0 K:13
R:19 G:61 B:141


  Pantone 158 C
C:0 M:61 Y:97 K:0
​R:245 G:128 B:37


Branding coming soon...