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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


What is the outlook for entry-level employment in this field?
Very strong. Employers are constantly in search of capable workers with basic skills and good work ethic.

How well do CRC graduates compete in this entry-level market?
Professor Connally said that 80% of those who have finished the program are in the industry now or continuing on for the Construction Technology degree. About two-thirds of these are in residential and one-third in commercial work. They become laborers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) workers, plumbers and carpenters.

At least five students have obtained their contractor or handyman license and are self-employed.

Some graduates have been accepted into union apprenticeship programs. Two, including one female student, have already graduated from it and four others are currently in their last steps. Twelve to fifteen others are in journey level positions with various non-union employers.

Two of our graduates have been hired by the Los Rios district as maintenance workers.

What is the pay range from entry-level pay to high end with experience in this career?
Professor Connally said that most will begin at about $12 per hour in the Sacramento area unless they are on a very big project where “scale” wages must be paid (around $18 per hour).

According to the California Employment Development Labor Market survey for the Sacramento area, the wages for carpenters during the 2006 year ranged from $17.92 per hour for the bottom 25% to $27.31 for the top 75th percentile. The median wage was $23.77 per hour. This is fairly representative for most of the other trades that these students go into.

What other jobs are related to or made possible by experience or training in this field? What is the potential for advancement in this career?
Job titles include building and construction tradesperson; general contracting; estimators; construction supervisors; material salespersons; building inspection; and construction apprentice. Some of these like contracting and supervision have unlimited potential for income.