Fire Technology


Certificate of Achievement
Firefighter Suppression Specialist
Code #1127

The fire service is one of the most dynamic employers in the country. This CRC program is designed to provide students with updated skills and knowledge necessary to complete and successfully apply for fire service positions.

The curriculum serves as an in-service program as well as a pre-employment program for students seeking employment or advancement in the profession of urban fire fighting and fire suppression.

*Up-to-date technical information
*Field trips to a variety of fire service locations
*Networking with other fire service members
*Fire Technology work experience internships
(Fire Technology 498 for on-the-job experience)

Required Program
A minimum of 16 units from the following:
Total Units Required

¹A current California EMT certificate or Paramedic license will be accepted as satisfactory completion of the EMT 100 requirement.

2Students should take 4 units of Fire Technology Work Experience (FT 498) each semester for 4 semesters, earning a total of 16 units of work experience through FT 498.