Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Application Process

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Application Process

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (DMS) Application Process

Applications for the Summer 2019 program will be available to download in the spring of 2019.

Deadline to Submit 2019 program applications is April of 2019. 

For your application to be considered; all pre-requisite classes, educational degrees and direct patient care experience requirements must be completed no later than the end of Spring 2019 semester the day grades are posted   No exceptions.  Carefully follow the directions on the application process. Transcripts must be official (unopened) and included in this application packet. We are not able to obtain transcripts from other offices on campus, they must be official in the application packet. All documents including all items listed in the instructions must be submitted together within the packet or it will be incomplete and not considered. 

Please do not leave out any documents from your application packet or it will be marked incomplete and it will not be considered.  All candidates will be contacted in May of, 2019 regarding status of your application.

Please do not call regarding a status update, we are not able to release any information until the process is complete.   

Please DO email during any changes to your contact information to:  Dionne Winter winterd (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu 

  • The application packet consists of:
    1. Letter of Interest
    2. Application including the checklist
    3. Official transcripts (all colleges attended)
    4. Proof of previous patient care experience
    5. Professional references - recent please  (limit 2)
    6. Standard Resume - up to past 10 years employment
    7. Proof of other certifications, licenses and/or credentials i.e. RT, CRT, RN, CNA, LVN, PT, EMT, etc.
  • The information requested on the application is voluntary; however, failure to provide key eligibility information may result in you being deemed ineligible to participate in the program.
  • The intent in requesting this information is not to exclude participation in the program, but rather to identify characteristics that may be a factor in determining eligibility.
  • The information provided will be kept confidential.
  • Applicants to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program must have completed all the program pre-requisites with a grade of "B" or better and met one of the two educational degree requirements outlined in the Program Prerequisite Information.  Previous direct patient care experience is required.
  • Official transcripts must be submitted with the application submitted.

Qualified applicants will be drawn randomly to form a pool of finalist.  If there is still space available 2 additional qualified candidates will be drawn from the original pool as alternates.   Alternates gain a seat in the program only if one becomes vacant and only during the first Summer session 2019.  There is no wait list.  Applicants not selected will need to re-apply.


CRC Enrollment Application and Registration Process

  • If you are accepted and you are not yet enrolled at a Los Rios college, you will need to fill out a Los Rios Community College District admission application online at:
  • Students will then need to pay for all fees, textbooks, and other class materials.
  • Additional information about support services and other program details will be provided at the MANDATORY Program Orientation(s).  Date(s) and location of the Orientation(s) will be in your acceptance letter.
  • Financial Aid information is available at:
  • Required fees for classes at CRC are available at: