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Firefighter Internship

Firefighter Internship

To receive more detailed information about the program, please complete the Firefighter Internship Information Request Form.


Minimum Qualifications for Acceptance into the Firefighter Internship Program

  1. Complete Fire Technology (FT) 300 Fire Protection Organization (3 units), with a “C” or better. This class provides an introduction to fire protection, career opportunities in fire protection and related fields, philosophy and history, and more.
  2. Complete EMT 100 and possess a current CA State EMT Certification or CA State Paramedic License. Paramedics must be Sacramento County ALS accredited.
  3. Possess a current CPR for the Healthcare Provider Card (or the equivalent) the American Heart Association and maintain it during the entire Program.
  4. Posses a GED or a High School Diploma.
  5. Have a valid and current California Driver’s License.
  6. Be 18 years of age or older.
  7. Have an Overall GPA of 2.5 or better.
  8. Possess the strength and stamina to pass a Physical Ability Test and Health Examination by a medical practitioner including a respiratory test.  
  9. Consent to and pass a qualifying DOJ, FBI background check.
  10. Consent to and pass a comprehensive drug screening.
  11. Be able to demonstrate prior work or leisure teamwork experience.
  12. Be able to purchase selected fire clothing and protective gear.
  13. Register in Fire Technology Work Experience 498 class and pay appropriate unit fee for every semester you participate in the internship. Enrollment is required.
  14. Participate in an interviewing workshop prior to your oral interview.
  15. If accepted into the program you must register (you will receive an instructor permission number) in the Fire Technology FT 210 (Firefighter Academy for the Internship Program) class. Enrollment is required. 

Note: All Minimum qualifications must be completed before the start of the fall semester.

Additionally, you will need to submit an application, cover letter, resume, a copy of unofficial college transcript(s), your fall class schedule and proof of paid registration for Fire Technology 498.  The application process and this packet of information does have a deadline date. The application deadline typically takes place during the end of each spring semester.  Please contact the Co-op staff (916) 691-7372 for more information.  

For more complete information about the Firefighter Internship program, please click on the following link: file icon.Firefighter Internship Program Manual 2018 which fully describes the Internship program. It explains the benefits of the program, the job of firefighting, minimum qualifications for the program, the application process and what your work as a firefighter Intern will entail.

                For more information and to start the application process

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