Faculty Information

Faculty Information

The Freedom to Discover

"The CRC Honors Program gave my students the freedom to discover. The course was challenging for me, but I found it energizing and exciting."

- Andrea Salmi, Biology Professor

An Intellectual Rapport

"In an honors seminar, students can interact in small groups and explore a topic in a more intense fashion. It allows a closer intellectual rapport between students and the instructor."

- Rosalie Amer, Librarian/Humanities Instructor

The Honors Sub-Committee invites faculty to develop new courses for this unique program which affords instructors the opportunity to teach intimate seminars in specialized and advanced topics and to teach general education courses to smaller classes. The committee encourages new course proposals from faculty members with research interests outside or beyond the general curriculum, who wish to further investigate with students intriguing questions or new developments in their disciplines, or who seek to promote field study of pertinent theory and methodology.


Preparing an Honors Seminar. Instructors interested in teaching an Honors Seminar or Honors Lecture Course are invited to submit their proposals to the Honor Sub-committee on the standard curriculum forms. Each semester the Honors Sub-Committee of the Academic Senate reviews the proposals for recommendation to the Curriculum Committee. For more information, contact Rick Schubert at (916) 691-7494 or schuber (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu.