Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can anyone take Honors Courses?

The Honors Program is a restricted admissions program; only students admitted to the Honors Program are eligible to complete Honors courses. Prospective Honors students should possess the ability to think and work independently, to write clearly and purposefully, and to cooperate in the spirit of discovery and understanding. The Honors Program encourages applications from all interested students and enrolls individuals into the program based on evidence of their potential to benefit from, and contribute to, Honors courses. For further information, see Applying to Honors.

Do I have to have a certain GPA to be admitted to the Honors Program?

There is no GPA requirement for admission to the CRC Honors Program. The Honors Program encourages applications from all interested students and enrolls individuals into the program based on evidence of their potential to benefit from, and contribute to, Honors courses. We ask that students provide us with information that demonstrates their interest, motivation, preparation and potential for this form of study. Unlike many Honors Programs, the Cosumnes River Honors Program is specifically designed not only for academically accomplished students but also for students with the potential for high achievement, whether or not they've realized that potential already. Some students need an Honors environment before they realize their full potential as scholars and CRC's Honors Program gives these students a chance at high achievement. It also provides academically accomplished students a place to continue to grow and excel. For further information, see Applying to Honors.

Do you have to take a certain number of Honors courses to be in the Honors Program?

There is no minimum number of courses you have to take to be in the Honors Program. Some students elect to take a single Honors course after being admitted to the Program. Others take multiple courses. Only students who take a total of 15 units of Honors courses are eligible to complete the Honors Scholar Program and receive a certificate of program completion. For further information, see Honors Scholar Certificate.

What is the difference between an Honors seminar and an Honors lecture course?

Honors lecture courses rigorously address topics within the general curriculum and satisfy specific general education requirements at CRC, California State University campuses, and the University of California. They provide the same benefits as ordinary general education courses, but offer opportunities for additional intellectual growth and greater faculty-student engagement as well.

Honors seminars comprise the heart of the CRC Honors Program experience. Modeled on the freshman and sophomore seminars at the University of California, they provide the same opportunities for CRC students: experience in a small, rigorous course that challenges them to do bold, original, and creative thinking, confront cutting-edge theories and primary research, and express themselves in classroom exchanges and critical papers. In ordinary lecture classes, faculty are almost exclusively responsible for delivering curriculum to students. In seminars, students share this responsibility with the faculty and become highly active participants in the teaching-learning process.

Honors students are expected to be highly engaged in any Honors course, but in Honors seminars, unlike in lecture courses, students are largely responsible for developing and presenting course material during class time themselves. Every seminar student is expected to give at least one seminar presentation, which basically amounts to teaching the class for the day. Honors lecture students take on a more traditional student role.

For further information, see the Honors Program Overview. For a list of the lecture courses and seminars offered by the Honors Program see the listing of Honors courses in the CRC Catalog.

Which Honors courses are being offered?

For a list of all the courses offered by the Honors Program, see Honors Courses in the CRC Catalog.

For a list of classes being offered during this and upcoming semesters, see the college's Course Catalog, available via link from the college's homepage.

What are the benefits to students of Honors Program participation?

The benefits to students of Honors Program participation include access to special scholarships and transfer opportunities, special preparation for transfer, upper-division study, and graduate study, smaller classes that encourage interaction and relationship-building among students and with Honors faculty, special courses in exciting areas of study taught by dynamic professors committed to enriching students' academic experience, and the opportunity to complete the Honors Scholar Certificate

How can I get more information about the Honors Program?

To get more information about the Honors Program, contact Honors Program Chair Dr. Rick Schubert by email at schuber (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu or by phone at 916-691-7494.