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Looking Ahead to Your Success this Summer!

Looking Ahead to Your Success this Summer!

Dear Student, 
I hope that all is going well; please know that Cosumnes River College is dedicated to your success. 
As you plan for the summer, I encourage you to take advantage of the many resources CRC provides to help you succeed. The "Student Services" link on the ribbon at the top of this page will take you to a variety of programs and services which may be of interest to you. 
Summer school at CRC begins on June 6; I wanted to let you know which classes in this Division  are still open:
Do you want to learn how to be more successful in college? Take Freshman Seminar (INDIS 313).
Do you need to complete a writing course or do you need to complete a composition requirement? Several sections of ENGWR 101 are still open. And, if you are you looking specifically for ENGWR 300, consider taking ENGWR 480/HONOR 375. This honors composition course fulfills the 300 requirement.
Do you need a course that satisfies a critical thinking requirement? A variety of courses in Humanities and Social Science can fulfill that requirements: look, for example, at courses in English Writing (ENGWR  480/HONOR 375), English Reading (ENGRD 310), Sociology  (SOC), or Philosophy (PHIL).
If English is not your native language, take ESL. ESL courses offered this summer include ESL Grammar (ESLG) and ESL Reading (ESLR).
Do you ever wonder why people think as they do? Take philosophy (PHIL 300). PHIL 352 is Introduction to World Religions.
If you’d like to know more about how the US government works, take POLS 301.
Do you find it interesting to study about how and why people do what they do? Take a Psychology (PSYC) course. PSYC 300 is an introduction to the discipline and the study of Human Sexuality is PSYC 356.
Does studying about society or social problems interest you? Take a sociology course. SOC 300 is the study of human behavior in society. SOC 301 helps you understand Social Problems which impact all of us. Race, Ethnicity and Inequality in the United States is SOC 321 and Sex and Gender in the United States is SOC 341.
Do you want to learn another language? Take Spanish (SPAN) or Vietnamese (VIET).
For a list of open Summer session courses, click on the link to the left: HSS Open Courses Summer 2016.


Happy Summer to you! 
Alex Casareno
Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
casarea (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu