Biology 430 Links

Biology 430 Links

General Anatomy and Physiology Links

  • San Diego Mesa College - Excellent site with models and histology; labeled and unlabeled images.
  • Cerritos College - Nice collection of models; good for quizzing yourself.
  • University of Colorado - Lots of photos of models for most systems; good for quizzing yourself.
  • University of Wisconsin - Histology, models, bones, dissections - click Table of Contents.
  • Get Body Smart - General site full of tutorials, quizzes, and both anatomy and physiology information. A little simple in parts, but helpful.
  • WebAnatomy - Many quizzes and simple line drawings.


Integumentary System

  • Cerritos College - Nice images of skin models; point to green spots to learn structure names.
  • University of Colorado - Good photos of skin model; especially good for quizzing yourself.
  • Palomar College - Older but nice skin models with labels; rollover numbers to reveal names.

Skeletal System

Muscular System

Nervous System

Dissection Videos