Native Garden

Native Garden

Five years of construction and complete neglect destroyed the CRC California Native Plant Garden on the east side of the science building. Only a few plants were able to be savaged.

Construction destroyed CA native garden

Construction destroyed CA native garden

Starting in May 2010 volunteers were able to get into the area to clear out the weeds, dead plants and leftover construction debris. Then through the end of August the fence was built, trenches were dug for irrigation, compost was added, the decomposed granite path was created, and mulch was spread. All this hard work was completed by volunteers--students, staff, and faculty.

Trenching and laying irrigation

Creating the pathway

Speading mulch & creating path

At the end of August the garden was ready and waiting for the new plants to arrive.

Cleaned up garden waiting for new plants

Then on September 30, 2010 over 200 plants were delivered and planted by a wonderful crew of volunteers--Horticulture students, staff, faculty, managers, and even children from the childcare center. Now there are about 25 different species of California native plants in the garden.

Plants arranged for planting