Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping

The following links will allow you to learn more about sustainable landscape practices:

ARN Catalog-UC Agriculture and Natural Resources--many resources, some are free, about agriculture and gardening

Art Shapiro's Butterfly Site--learn what to do in your garden to attract butterflies

City of Sacramento-Department of Utilities--arrange a water wise house call to learn how to be more water efficient with your irrigation system

City of Sacramento-Stormwater Quality Improvement Program--protect our waterways from unnecessary use of fertilizers and pesticides

EcoLandscape California--everything you wanted to know about ecologically sound landscape and gardening methods

Plant Right--use this site to avoid adding invasive species to your landscape

River Friendly Landscaping--learn how to protect the American and Sacramento rivers with responsible gardening practices

Sacramento Audubon Society--everything you need to know to attract birds to your garden

Sacramento Master Gardeners-UC Cooperative Extension--workshops, plant clinics, Harvest Day, Fair Oaks Horticulture Center, phone clinic...and so much more to help you answer your gardening questions

Sacramento Tree Foundation--find out what tree would be best for your garden and learn how to get free SMUD shade trees

The Sustainable Sites Initiative--national guidelines for sustainable landscape design

UC Davis Arboretum--information about the water efficient Arboretum All Stars plants, get pre-made garden plot designs, and browse pictures of plants

UC IPM Online-Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program--responsible pest management information

WateRight-CSU Fresno--more irrigation information for your landscape needs