Physics and Astronomy

Astronomy Course Descriptions

ASTR 300
Introduction to Astronomy
3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area IV; CSU Area B1; IGETC Area 5A
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LEC
This course is a descriptive course in general astronomy treating the nature and evolution of the solar system, stars, galaxies, cosmology and life in the universe.
ASTR 400
Astronomy Laboratory
1 Unit
Prerequisite: None.
Corequisite: ASTR 300
General Education: CSU Area B1; CSU Area B3; IGETC Area 5A
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: 54 hours LAB
This course covers topics including constellations, star charts, and motions of the Earth, Moon and other astronomical bodies. Students will apply the techniques that astronomers use to study the Earth, Moon, Sun, planets and stars. The course includes observations with the naked eye, binoculars and/or telescopes.
ASTR 495
Independent Studies in Astronomy
1-3 Units
Prerequisite: None.
Course Transferable to CSU
See UC Limitations & Counselor
Hours: 54 hours LEC; 162 hours LAB
An independent studies project involves an individual student or small group of students in study, research, or activities beyond the scope of regularly offered courses. See the current catalog section of "Special Studies" for full details of Independent Studies.
ASTR 498
Work Experience in Astronomy
1-4 Units
Prerequisite: None.
General Education: AA/AS Area III(b)
Enrollment Limitation: Students must be in a paid or unpaid internship, volunteer position or job related to career goals in Astronomy.
Course Transferable to CSU
Hours: 300 hours LAB
This course provides students with opportunities to develop marketable skills in preparation for employment in their major field of study or advancement within their career. It is designed for students interested in work experience and/or internships in transfer level degree occupational programs. Course content includes understanding the application of education to the workforce; completion of required forms which document the student's progress and hours spent at the work site; and developing workplace skills and competencies. Appropriate level learning objectives are established by the student and the employer. During the semester, the student is required to participate in a weekly orientation and 75 hours of related paid work experience, or 60 hours of unpaid work experience for one unit. An additional 75 or 60 hours of related work experience is required for each additional unit. Work Experience may be taken for a total of 16 units when there are new or expanded learning objectives. Only one Work Experience course may be taken per semester.
ASTR 499
Experimental Offering in Astronomy
.5-4 Units
Prerequisite: None
Course Transferable to CSU
See UC Limitations & Counselor
Hours: 18 hours LEC; 54 hours LAB