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A.A. Early Childhood Education

DEGREE: A.A. Early Childhood Education
Code #1089

This program provides a comprehensive foundation for in-depth early childhood teacher preparation both through strong general education and principles and practices in child development and in early childhood curriculum and pedagogy. Topics include an introduction to the profession, observation techniques, age-appropriate curriculum, the child in the context of family and culture, and health and safety practices for early childhood educators.

Upon completion of the A.A. degree, a student possesses the course work required to work as a teacher in both private and public early care and education settings, serving infants through preschool-age children. Additionally, the individual can work as a teacher in before-and-after school programs, serving school-age children.

Suggested Electives:
ANTH 300, 310; ART 430; BIOL 350; BUS 330; COMM 321, 325, 331, 361; ECE 350, 498; ENGCW 400; ENGED 320; ENGLT 370; ENGWR 300; FCS 324; HEED 350; HORT 300; NUTRI 300; PSYC 312, 320; SOC 305, 321; TA 401.

Associate Degree
The Early Childhood Education Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree may be obtained by completion of the required program and general requirements as well as sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See CRC graduation requirements.