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Business Services Fee Requirements

Business Services Fee Requirements


At the time of publication of this catalog, the following fees are in effect:

General Enrollment Fees

All students must pay a per unit general enrollment fee. Students who have met the California residency requirement are assessed $46 per unit. Students eligible for a fee waiver and/or financial aid should apply for assistance as soon as possible.

The California Community College Board of Governors provides a waiver of fees for qualified students

(see page 26 of this catalog for financial assistance information).

Note: Fees are subject to change, as they are set by the State Legislature. Students who have registered for classes prior to any increase will be billed for the additional amount. Fees are due and payable at time of registration.

Non-Resident/International Tuition

Students who do not meet the California residency requirement are assessed $234 per unit tuition fee, plus the per unit general enrollment fee.

Undocumented and Non-resident Students:
Under Assembly Bill 540, a student (non-U.S. citizen) who is residing in the United States without official authorization from the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) may be eligible for a waiver of non-resident tuition fees. This fee waiver option is also available to U.S. citizens who do not qualify as California residents but meet the requirements of AB 540. Interested students should contact the Admissions Office to discuss eligibility. Qualifying students are still responsible for the per unit general enrollment fee.

Capital Outlay Fee
Non-resident students, both Out-of-State and International, are assessed $16 per unit fee for capital outlay purposes, in addition to the per unit general enrollment fee and per unit Out-of-State/International tuition fee.

Instructional Material Fees
Instructional material fees for designated courses may be assessed in accordance with Title V, Section 59400 and District Policy 2253.

Student Access Card/Universal Transit Pass
Los Rios students passed Universal Transit Pass Measure A, which provides students, enrolled in more than 3 units, a transit pass for use on all Regional Transit (RT) and Elk Grove (E-tran) bus and light rail systems in the Sacramento area.

The pass can be used 7 days a week, from June 1-July 31 for the Summer term and August 1-December 31 for the Fall term.

Students who are enrolled in more than 3 units at any one of the Los Rios Colleges will be assessed a non-refundable fee of $8.40 (minimum), or $2.10 per unit up to 15 units, $31.50 (maximum). For example: a student enrolled in 3 units is not eligible for the transit pass (Fall/Spring), a student enrolled in 3.01 to four units will pay $8.40 a semester, a student enrolled in 12 units will pay $25.20 a semester, and a student enrolled in 15 or more units will pay the maximum fee of $31.50 Los Rios students who carry three or fewer units at each individual college location are not eligible for the Universal Transit Pass. However they will be eligible for a 50% discount on RT’s regular monthly pass ($55 instead of $110 per month).

All students enrolled in the Summer session (any number of units) will be assessed a $10 fee for the Universal Transit Pass, for use from June 1 to July 31.

Visit see website for more information

Parking Fees
A valid parking permit is required 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Overnight parking is not permitted without written permission from the College.

Parking permits may be prepaid when you submit your payment of registration fees in person, by mail or online. All prepaid parking decals will be mailed to the student, regardless of when payment is received in the Business Services (Cashier) Office, beginning fifteen (15) days prior to the start of the term or semester. The decal will be mailed to the address on file at the Admissions & Records Office. The prepaid parking decal application can be found at the back of this class schedule. (Be sure your address on file is current.)

IF PARKING FEES ARE NOT PREPAID, a decal may be purchased at the Business Services (Cashier) Office beginning fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the semester. You are encouraged to buy your parking pass early to avoid waiting in line!

Parking Permits may be purchased Online! Go to, and log into eServices and click the link Purchase Parking Decals.

Field Trip Fees Some classes may include a field trip. Fees, if any, for a field trip will be included in the course section information of the class schedule. Students who do not have sufficient funds for field trip fees may qualify to have their fees waived or may be given an alternate assignment, as appropriate.

Student Representation Fee

Under provision of California Education Code section 76060.5 and California Administrative Code sections 54801-54805, the students of this college have established a Student Representation Fee.

Use of Fee: The money collected from the student representation fee shall be expended to provide for students or representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county and district government, and before offices and agencies of the state or federal government.

Amount of Fee: The student representation fee is one dollar ($1.00) per semester.

Right to Request a Refund: The fee is mandatory; however, a student has the right to request a refund for religious, political, moral or financial reasons. To request this refund, the student must fill out a form available in the Business Services (Cashier) Office.

Important Payment Information


Payment is due upon registration. You will be dropped for non-payment as follows:

  • If you register prior to the start of the semester, your payment must be processed within 14 (fourteen) days of registration or by June 2 (for Summer) or August 18 (for Fall), whichever comes first, or you will be dropped.
  • If you register after the start of the semester, your payment is due immediately, or you will be dropped.


  • For immediate credit, pay online using a credit card at
  • Mail or in-person payments are accepted with completed payment coupon and must be received by the Business Services (Cashier) Office no later than 14 calendar days following registration, or June 2 (for Summer) or August 18 (for Fall), whichever comes first, to allow time for manual processing (see Page 2 of payment coupon for mailing addresses).
  • You will not be invoiced for fees due. You may check your balance due online at
  • You may be eligible for a waiver of your enrollment fees. For more information, please see Page 2 of payment coupon, go online to http://, or visit the College Financial Aid Office.

Payment Arrangements


Students requesting non-resident or international payment plans must make the request at the Business Services Office within the timelines listed under “Important Payment Information.”

Students must complete a Board of Governors Assistance Waiver (BOG) prior to registering for classes. The Financial Aid Office determines eligibility for the fee waiver. Applicants may be required to submit proof of income and/or legal residency.

Remember, your fee waiver must be processed and posted to your account within the timelines listed under “Important Payment Information.” Simply applying and being approved for a fee waiver is not enough.

After registering, students using scholarships or sponsorships must have documentation on file in the Business Services Office within the timelines listed under “Important Payment Information.” Students using State of California, Dept. of Rehabilitation, or Job Corps funds must submit a payment voucher or sponsorship letter to the Business Services Office within the timelines listed under “Important Payment Information” after registering.

Fee Refunds


For all semester lengths, fees for enrollment, tuition, international capital outlay, parking and the UTP Pass are refundable. Application and installment payment plan fees are not refundable.

For all semester length courses, enrollment, tuition, and capital outlay fees are refundable through the Friday of the second week of instruction. Short-term courses are refundable through the Friday of the first week of instruction.

It is the responsibility of the student to apply for fee refunds. To be eligible for processing, the student must:

  • Drop classes online or in person at the Admissions and Records Office. Check Class Schedule for the current semester's deadlines to drop for a refund.
  • Submit a refund request form to the Business Services (Cashier) Office or online no later than the last day of the semester or session currently being completed, or the refund will be disallowed. Credit balances will be forfeited and do not carry over to the next semester/term.
  • Prorated refunds are not available under current legislative law. A refund to the credit card or a check will be mailed to eligible students approximately eight weeks after the refund application is submitted.

A student who must withdraw for military purposes shall be refunded 100% of fees and tuition paid, regardless of the date of withdrawal. Requests for refunds made after the end of the semester will be honored.

Application forms are available at the Business Services (Cashier) office. You may also submit your request for a fee refund by using our Online Fee Refund Application at

Federal Education Tax Credits


(American Opportunity Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit) Students (or parents of dependent students) may be able to obtain

federal tax credits for enrollment fees if the student is enrolled in at least 6 units during any semester or summer session, and the student meets the other conditions prescribed by federal law. Students who consent to online access can view and print the IRS Form 1098-T through eServices by January 31 of each year. For eligible students who do not consent to online access, the IRS Form 1098-T will be mailed by January 31. More information on the American Opportunity Credit or Lifetime Learning Credit is available on IRS Form 8863 at the following web address: OR