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Major Events

Major Events

Major CASSL Events each year include the following:

CASSL Seminars

In a seminar format, CRC faculty and staff explore teaching and learning “best practices” in the various disciplines represented by seminar participants. Seminar participants review assigned readings on each general topic and engage in lively intellectual discussion of those readings informed by their own experiences with students.

SLO Institutes

Learning and working sessions that assist CRC faculty and staff to support outcomes implementation at CRC.

Teaching and Learning Institutes

Learning and working sessions that assist CRC facuty and staff enhance teaching and learning effectiveness.

CASSL Colloquium

This annual daylong event, held just prior to the beginning of Fall Semester, brings together college faculty and staff from the greater Sacramento Region to discuss topics around the scholarship of teaching and learning.

More information about previous and upcoming institutes, colloquium and seminars can be accessed by using the button bars on the left side of the page.