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CASSL Resources

CASSL Resources

A variety of resources are available in CASSL, including:

  • Computers with statistical and other specialized software;
  • Books, articles, and DVDs related to teaching and learning and our diverse students (see CASSL Administrative Assistant to check out);
  • A welcoming environment for employees interested in spending some time relaxing, dialoging and learning about news and issues particularly relevant to community colleges;
  • Two meeting spaces (one that can accommodate up to 20 participants);
  • Scheduled as well as on-demand workshops on a variety of topics;
  • Resources (information, support and advice) to help you learn more about your students and program.

CASSL can provide access to the webinars listed below.  Call Frances at  x7303 or email andersf2 (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu   

  • M2C3 Webinar - "Counseling and advising Strategies: Advancing Success for Men of Color in the Community College"
  • Diverse Webinar - "Veterans in Your Classrooms: Successful Strategies and Interventions"
  • Magna Webinar - "Everyone Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom"
  • M2C3 Webinar - "Equity Planning to Advance Outcomes for Men of Color in Community Colleges"

CASSL provides a venue for many professional development offerings at the college - we invite the college community to attend these events and to pursue individual professional development opportunities available via the CASSL resources. Information about scheduled usage for CASSL is available from the CASSL Administrative Assistant (x7303).

Listing and Descriptions of CASSL Books

Listing and Descriptions of CASSL Articles

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