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Learning Management System (Canvas)

Learning Management System (Canvas)

Canvas is the learning management system for Cosumnes River College

This page has support for CRC's faculty and other employees who use Canvas by Instructure.

Course Creation

  • Canvas courses do not need to be requested.
  • Faculty decide when Canvas courses are visible to students by publishing them.
  • Cross-listed classes (as defined by Los Rios) will be automatically grouped together within a single Canvas course.
  • Separate Canvas courses will be created for each lab and lecture sections. Students will be enrolled in the lab class *and* the associated lecture class.
  • Faculty can create their own multiple-enrollment courses by using Canvas's internal cross-listing tool. The videos below include an overview, and the Canvas Guides have step-by-step instructions (How do I cross-list a section in a course as an instructor?). This option is available three times each year between the day that grades are due for the prior semester and up until the Friday before the semester begins (roughly the first two weeks of January, late May - early June, and the middle two weeks of August).
Upcoming windows for cross-listing within Canvas:
  • August 13-23, 2019
  • January 6-17, 2020


  • Seven days before the semester begins, students’ user accounts will be enrolled in all courses for that semester (including late-term classes).
  • As students add and drop classes those changes will be reflected in Canvas. Currently enrollment processing runs every four hours.
  • The users for students who are officially dropped from a college class are deleted from the linked Canvas course. Their work inside Canvas done before being dropped will reappear if the students are re-enrolled in the class.
  • For unofficial enrollment (e.g., giving waitlisted students access to a Canvas course prior to the completion of their official enrollment), there is a role labeled “Waitlist” that allows those students to be easily identified inside Canvas. Once they are officially enrolled, users enrolled as Waitlist can be safely removed from the Canvas course.


The following options are available for employees to learn how to use Canvas:

  1. Self-paced online training
    Any CRC employee can self-enroll in the self-paced course Introduction to Teaching with Canvas.
  2. Moderated online training through @ONE
    The @ONE program offers a moderated version of the course Introduction to Teaching with Canvas that is free. The upcoming schedule is available on the @ONE Catalog.
  3. Training at CRC
    Training on various tools is also listed on the calendar of the Center for Professional Development.

The following additional resources are helpful:

  • The Canvas Instructor Guide is excellent and continuously updated.
  • The Canvas Community is a place where Canvas users from around the world ask and answer questions, discuss tips for effective use, and propose ideas on how to improve Canvas. There is a special place there for California community college Canvas users, the CCC Home Base.
  • The 24-hour help desk is staffed by Instructure employees, who will be able to answer your questions as you are developing and teaching in Canvas (916.568.3199).

Need a sandbox course for practicing how to use Canvas? The form is linked from the Help menu inside Canvas.

Recorded Training Sessions

The following Canvas training sessions have been recorded by DEWD staff and CRC employees:

Winter of Canvas

The Winter of Canvas workshop series conducted December 18-21, 2017 in the Center for Instructional Innovation was recorded. The presentations were chunked into 20 videos, each focused on one topic. All recordings are available on a YouTube playlist:

Additional Sessions

The Canvas Community

The Canvas Community is a place where Canvas users from all over the world gather to ask and answer questions, share experiences, and discuss ways to improve Canvas. Some areas are dedicated to groups of people based on interests, and there is a group space set aside for California's community colleges. It is also possible for individual users to have blogs, and you can find Greg's answers to new Canvas questions at Greg's Canvas Blog.

Student Support

  • Let your students know that you will be using Canvas.
  • Spend some time in class (use the Test Student) showing students how to navigate your Canvas course.
  • The 24-hour help desk is for students too (916.568.3199).
  • Include the module Canvas Basics for Students inside your Canvas course. It is available via the Canvas Commons, and there is a video showing how to find and install it.
  • The Canvas Student Guide is excellent and continuously updated.

For online classes, encourage students to view the resources on the Distance Education page. On that page are links to two self-enrollment courses on our Canvas instance that give structured access to the Online Education Initiative's Online Learner Readiness materials. Included in the course for novice online learners is the SmarterMeasure self-assessment tool.