Campus Operations

Custodial/Maintenance Services

Custodial/Maintenance Services

Hours:   Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Phone:  (916) 691-7729
Fax:      (916) 691-7788

Urgent Services

Rooms unreasonably hot or cold
Power outages
Graffiti and/or vandalism
Gas leaks
Water leaks/overflows
Other plumbing problems
Safety Issues
Light replacement
Pest control

Urgent requests for maintenance and/or custodial services must be telephoned in to (916) 691-7729 during regular business hours. Emergency needs after hours call Los Rios Police Dispatch (916) 558-2221 and they will notify the appropriate maintenance personnel. E-mail or voice mail is not an appropriate way to communicate urgent requests. Make sure you always communicate with a live person to report conditions that may pose life safety issues.

Non-Urgent Services

Furniture assembly or reconfiguration
Relocation needs
Other non-critical needs
Window covering repairs
Event set-ups

Trouble Ticket/Work Orders for maintenance and/or custodial services, such as those listed above, must be submitted through Maintenance Connection for processing and approval at least one week prior to when the services are needed.  Contact your area Administrative Assistant for processing.