Campus Operations

Mail Services

Mail Services

Location:  Operations & Public Safety Building

Phone:      (916) 691-7317

Fax:          (916) 691-7788

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 2:00pm
(Outside of these hours, please ask Printing Services for assistance.)

Personal, stamped mail - due to low volume, the USPS eliminated the mail drop boxes on campus; however, personal, stamped mail can be dropped off in the Printing & Mail Services department in the Operations building. Please note that personal mail cannot be picked up in inter-campus mail because it constitutes a personal use of campus services and the campus does not assume any responsibility for your personal mail. Therefore, you must personally drop it into the USPS tote located behind the counter in the Printer & Mail Services department. Make sure that all personal mail has a stamp and returned address.

Bulk mail procedures training - division administrative assistants and other campus staff were trained over the summer on general mail procedures, including bulk mail. In addition, the bulk mail procedures are posted below. Please make sure that you follow the procedures to avoid delays in sending your bulk mail. If you have any questions about how to process bulk mail after reviewing the procedures, please ask your division AAs or the mail services staff.

Note: Bulk mail saves the college about $.25 (62%) on each piece of mail so it's worth the effort to qualify for the bulk mail rate whenever practical.

Mail Service Guidelines and Tips

  • The mailroom provides mail delivery/pickup service to all departments on campus for official off-campus, intra/inter-campus mail.
  • The mailroom provides Federal Express, UPS, etc., services.
  • Letters must be properly folded so complete address can be seen in window envelopes and fit properly so it closes completely; leave envelope flaps closed and not nestled.
  • Internal and inter-campus mail must be in Los Rios Internal Campus Mail envelopes. Use of printed CRC envelopes intended for external US Mail is a misuse of resources, wasteful, and may result in your internal mail being sent off-campus to the US Post Office.
  • Mail collection boxes labeled for internal and external mail are provided in each division area office. Please place the correct mail in the appropriate box.
  • All mail (intra/inter-campus and off-campus) must have a return name and address on it. If not provided, the item may be held in the Mail Room until proper identification of the sender can be verified. Intra/Inter campus mail needs a department name, campus name and the name of the sender and receiver in order to direct to proper location.
  • Do not staple on the outside of three-fold items, or folded items, instead use small self-stick tabs or circles.
  • International mail must be clearly identified with a note, in order to apply correct postage.
  • Please Note: the Mail Room does not sell stamps. You can purchase stamps in the Bookstore.

Processing Bulk Mail

  1. Request duplication of your bulk mail (a minimum of 200 pieces are required to quality as a bulk mailing). Don't forget to order your bulk mail envelopes at the same time.
  2. Run the address labels, put zip codes in numerical, ascending order.
  3. When sealing flyers, do not use staples or paper clips, use a sticker seal to keep it closed.
  4. Count the total number of items per zip code, Place a note on each group with the total number included in that zip code group.
    • If there are ten or more items for a specific zip code, rubber band that group together.
    • For less than ten, all having completely different zip codes, label as miscellaneous.
  5. Submit two copies of the item you are sending, with a list of the total number of pieces in each bundle to the Mail Room.

If you have any questions about this process call Mail Services at ext. 7300.