Campus Operations

Re-Key Project

Re-Key Project


1. Communications, Visual and Performing Arts Building - Start Replacing Cores on May 17, 2018

2. Science Building - Start Replacing Cores on May 23, 2018

3. Community Athletic Center - Start replacing Cores on June 6, 2018

4.  Learning Resource Center - Start replacing Cores on June 21, 2018

Buildings to Follow (in chronological order) 

5.     College Center

6.     Winn Center

7.     Operations

8.     Business & Social Science 

9.     Library

10.   Physical Education

11.   Swimming

12.   Technology

13.   Automotive

14.   Northeast Technical Building

15.   Child Development Center

16.   Veterinary Technology & Greenhouse

17.   Ford Center

18.   Stadium

19.   Southeast Office Complex Offices

20.   Portable 48

Instruction to all Employees - What am I supposed to do?

1. Starting April 30, 2018 go to the Portable 107 (map of location) to pick up your keys by May 16th. Please bring a valid state issued driver’s license or identification card to verify identity.
Key Pickup/Issuance Hours of Operation through May 16th:
Monday through Thursday: 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.;
Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
2. If you have an existing Imron card (employee card that provides you access to doors) you may need to get a new card. You will receive a separate e-mail if you need a new card.
Please note you will have to provide your old card to the Police Department (PD) and there may be a period time when your new card is issued to you and not programed and working. PD will program your card within the next business day.
3. If you don’t have an imron card please pick one up at the Police Department
4. Contractors will be doing a “rolling install” which means that they will transition doors as they are able to. Look at the schedule, if your building is on the list and your existing key doesn’t work, try the new key.
5. Report problems to the division office as soon as possible.

Scope of the Project -  What will this project do?

  1. Replace existing door locks with new Medeco key cylinders and keys.
  2. Add new Imron card readers at select exterior entrances of most buildings. Authorized users can enter buildings without the use of a key and will only need keys to access their respective interior spaces. Existing  card readers will not change.
    • Exceptions: Building with most exterior access (BSS, Tech, CVPA, SCI) will have some card readers but it is not intended to secure the whole building.
  3. Install lockboxes in strategic locations to provide authorized users access to building master keys

Project Intent -  Why are we doing this?

This Security Improvement Project was developed because our old keying and access systems were failing. The District’s existing 50 year-old Sargent key system no longer allows for future growth or needed security. In keying its existing facilities as well as adding its new facilities, the District has exhausted all the keying combinations the Sargent system has to offer. As a result, it has been necessary to duplicate keying combinations at facilities within the District.

Impact to Employees - What does this mean for me?  

Depending on your role and your access you will be impacted differently. The design included a few principles that increased security and in some cases convenience. For example all generic lecture classrooms will have the ability the lock the door from the inside. The interior lock will have a key hole and any Medeco key will be able to lock the door.  During the design of this project security and convenience where discussed and evaluated. Ultimately the design is our best attempt to balance security and convenience.The design principles are linked here: file icon.Re-KeyProjectDesign.pdf

All employees assigned to a work area

  • Likely need an employee badge if you do not have one (depends on what you access).
  • Receive new keys from the Los Rios Police Department prior to work being done in your building(s). LRPD will go over which keys provide you access to which rooms.
  • Announcements will be made on this web page when the locks in particular buildings are scheduled to be changed over.
  • If your existing key doesn't work, try the new key. If that doesn't work, contact your division office.

Administrators, Supervisors and Division Office Staff

  • Same as all employees
  • Coordinating access for all the employees in their area.

College-wide Support Professionals

  • Same as all employees
  • Building master keys will be granted by way of the key box. It will be a checkout/checkin process using the person’s imron card. Electronic readers were installed in places to make easier for college-wide support professionals to access commonly used rooms. For example, most mechanical, electrical and IT rooms are secured with electronic card readers. Also, exterior access to a building is through a card reader. 

Roll-out - How will this play out?

The project includes two different "technologies" and is broken up into two tracks of work.

  1. Electrified access - installing new card readers and modifying existing card reader locations) preparation work
  2. Mechanical Changes - Replacing door cylinders ("re-keying the door") and some door hardware changes.

Presently Facilities Management contractors are working on electrified doors across the college. If the contractors changed a door to a door accessed by a card then your access will need to be coordinated by your division office.

Communications - What as been sent out

Presentation to Academic and Classified Senate PDF, 884KB

E-mail to College Community PDF, 134KB