Program Review

Program Review

The goal of the program review (PrOF) process at the college is to:

  • Assess and improve student learning
  • Enhance student achievement
  • Improve program and institutional effectiveness
  • Be an important component of the implementation of the outcomes assessment loop
  • Inform the development of unit plans
  • Inform college resource allocation processes
  • Inform the development of the college’s strategic plan

2015 Midterm PrOF and Archives of 2009, 2011 and 2013 PrOFs

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PrOF Manuals

PrOF Completion Checklist

Program Review (PrOF) Manual (Updated Fall 2015)

Step By Step Guide to Navigating Section I of PrOF (Fall 2015)

Step By Step Guide to Navigating Section II of PrOF Fall 2015

Step By Step Guide to Navigating Section III of PrOF (Fall 2015)

Step By Step Guide to Navigating Section IV of PrOF (Fall 2015)

2013 PrOF Manual

2009 PrOFSupport Materials

2009 PrOF Form (approved by the College Planning Committee in Spring 2009)

PrOF Training Powerpoint

A Guide to the Analysis of Instructional Data Packets for the 2009 PrOF

Vodcast Presentation (powerpoint plus audio!) of A Guide to the Analysis of 2009 PrOF Instructional Data Packets

A Comprehensive Example of a PrOF 2009 Instructional Data Packet

Examples of Completed/Partially 2009 Completed PrOFs

Study Abroad

Duplicating/Mailroom (draft/in progress)

Facilities (draft/in progress)


Research (draft/in progress)

2008 PrOF Revision

PrOF Review Process

2008 Draft PrOF form - Instructional Programs

2008 Draft PrOF form - Student Support Programs

2008 Draft PrOF form - Instructional Support/Administrative Services

2008 Draft PrOF Pilots



Study Abroad


Link to the 2005 PrOF process, forms and plans