Faculty and Staff Resource Guide

Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Adjunct a part-time faculty member
Articulation agreement between the faculty of the College and a university OR between faculty of a high school and the College to accept units for the same course offering at each institution
CAC Community Athletic Center (aka "New Gym")
CalWORKs California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids
CARE Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education
CASSL Center for Advancement of Staff & Student Learning
CC&E Cultural Competence & Equity Committee
CDC Child Development Center
CPC College Planning Committee
C&T Careers & Technology
CVPA Communication, Visual & Performing Arts
Dean of the Dark Administrator on duty during evening hours (after 5:00pm)
DEMS Distance Education & Media Services
Diop Scholars A program designed to addresses students’ needs through academic support services and curriculum focused on African American and multicultural literature, history and experiences in order to create a supported community of learners who achieve increased academic success.
DSPS Disability Support Programs & Services
EOP&S Extended Opportunities Programs & Services (L106)
ESA Employment Service Agreement
FLEX There are two Flex Days each semester, which are part of the academic calendar, set aside for professional development activities. Each full-time faculty member has a minimum flex obligation of 12 hours per semester; 24 hours per academic year. The Friday events (convocation and area meetings) are required and account for six hours each semester. Adjunct (part-time) faculty have an obligation based on the number of hours taught in a full-semester class on Thursdays and/or Fridays each semester. More detail is available at the Professional Development web page.
Ford ASSET Automotive Student Service Education Training program offered in conjunction with Ford Motor/Mazda Company
Gym, New Located in CAC
Gym, Old located in the PE Building
Hawk's Nest the CRC College Bookstore
LRC Learning Resources Building (east of Library building)
Matriculation a process required of new students designed to promote student success, which includes orientation, assessment, placement, counseling/advisement, and various follow-up services
MESA A program than enables educationally disadvantaged students to prepare for and graduate from a four-year college/university with a math-based degree in fields related to Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement
New Horizons

Support program for students that need services, but don't quality for EOPS/CalWORKs.

OPS OPS Building (Operations & Public Safety Building)
Puente a program to increase the number of educationally under served students who go on to four-year colleges/universities, returning to the community to serve as leaders and mentors to other educationally under served students
SOC South East Office Complex
SLO Student Learning Outcome
SOP Standard Operating Procedure
TA Travel Authorization
TCS Tentative Contract for Service
VPA Vice President of Administrative Services and Student Support
VPI Vice President of Instruction and Student Learning
VPSS Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management

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