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Participating in Governance at CRC

Participating in Governance at CRC

As provided for by Los Rios CCD Board Policy, governance at CRC is a collaborative goal-setting and problem-solving process built on trust and communication, involving representatives from constituent groups who engage in open discussion and timely decision-making not specifically restricted by legal and policy parameters. Decisions, whether in the administrative structure, in committees, or within constituent groups, are characterized by an appropriate level of employee and student involvement. The degree of appropriate involvement is related to the extent of the impact of the decision, and each constituent group is organized to contribute to the decision-making process. What follows is a description of the governance groups at CRC. More detail on the committee structure and the charge of each committee can be found on the CRC Shared Governance website. An additional link provides a list of the committee chairs and the meeting times for each committee.

Academic Senate
The faculty is organized through the Academic Senate, whereby senators are elected by each division to serve a term of two years to represent the faculty's overarching dedication to the processes and outcomes of higher education and to the goals of Cosumnes River College in pursuing commitment, quality, and innovation in pursuing the college's educational mission. The responsibility of the senators is to be an information conduit between their divisions and the Senate and to act on behalf of the division faculty they represent. In addition, AB1725 charges the Academic Senate with the responsibility for policy development and administrative affairs that pertain to academic and professional matters. The president of the Senate represents the views of faculty on the College Executive Council and the District-wide Academic Senate and makes faculty appointments to standing committees.

Classified Senate
The Classified Senate facilitates participation of classified staff in the shared governance process. The organization has four elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a State Representative. Classified staff members from different areas/departments are selected to be Area Representatives and serve voluntarily for as long as they wish. Their responsibility is to attend the monthly Senate meetings as voting members and report back to their areas on issues discussed. The Classified Senate president represents the views of classified senate and classified staff on the College's Executive Council, and makes classified staff appointments to standing committees.

Senior Leadership Team
The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of College President and Vice Presidents of: Administrative Services and Student Support; Instruction and Student Learning; and Student Services and Enrollment Management. The SLT serves as the administrative arm in the shared governance process and is the venue for reviewing proposed governance, district, and college issues.

Management Council
The Management Council consists of the College President, Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors. The Management Council meets twice each month from August through June to review state, district and college policies, practices and issues that have implications for operational issues, management and leadership at the College.

Associated Student Government
The Associated Student Government (ASG) is made up of students elected or appointed to positions that serve to represent and advocate on behalf of the student body at large. ASG is recognized as the voice of the students on campus, operates under the direction of officers who are elected by the CRC student body.

Executive Council This council advises the president on college-wide decisions and policy. The council membership represents the views of all the constituencies through the presidents of their representative bodies.

College Standing and Other Shared Governance Committees
In addition to individual participation in department and division decision-making processes, faculty, staff, and students can participate in the college standing committees. The committees’ responsibilities are college-wide and are advisory to the college president. Each faculty member is encouraged to participate; tenured faculty members are expected to participate. The Academic Senate President makes all faculty appointments to committees. For a complete list of current standing committees, their charges, membership, and meeting times, go to this link: CRC Shared Governance Committees

District Committees
Information on district level Senate-led and non-Senate-led committees involving college personnel; the description of how these committees function is covered in Los Rios CCD Regulation R-3412.