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Shared Governance Other Committees & Groups

Shared Governance Other Committees & Groups

There are multiple committees and ways on campus to increase your involvement. Following is information and links to Standing Committees & Other Committees on campus - links will take you to individual websites for more information about each committee.

Last Committee Listing update made on: 08-24-15. Contact Instructional & Student Learning Office for the most recent updates (x7329).

Shared Governance Committees Mtg. Date Mtg. Time Contact
Academic Senate 2nd & 4th Fridays 12:30pm Julie Oliver (x7581)
Budget 3rd Monday 3:00pm Teresa Aldredge (x7638)
Cory Wathen (x7252)
Classified Senate 3rd Wednesday 11:00am April Robinson (x7426)
College Planning (CPC) 2nd & 4th Tuesday 3:00pm Kim Codella (x7633)
Kathy McLain (x7144)
Frances Anderson (x7303)
Cultural Competence & Equity (CC&E) 2nd & 4th Thursday 1:00pm Kathryn Mayo (x7783)
Kathy McLain (x7144)
Curriculum 1st & 3rd Wednesday 3:00pm Amanda Paskey (x7409)
Whitney Yamamura (x7408)
Nancy Edmonson (x7408)
Distance Education and Information Technology 1st Thursday 3:00pm Gregory Beyrer (x7507)
Stephen McGloughlin (x7589)
Alma Mejia (x7337)
Foundations for Academic Success 3rd Friday 12:00-1:30 Kimberly Williams-Brito (x7623)
Whitney Yamamura (x7408)
Health & Facilities 1st Monday


Matt McHugh (x7906)
Cory Wathen (x7252)
Matriculation 4th Wednesday 3:00pm Camille Moreno (x7541)
Professional Development (PD) 1st & 3rd Monday 2:00pm Heidi Munoz, Faculty chair
Kathy McLain (x7144)
Frances Andersen (x7303)
Shared Governance TBD 3:00pm Julie Oliver (x7581)
April Robinson (x7426)


Shared Governance Subcommittees
  Subcommittee of Meeting Dates  
Academic Integrity Academic Senate 3rd Wed @ 2:00p David Weinshilboum (x7494)
Campus Sustainability Academic Senate 1st Friday @ 12:00p John Ellis (x7237)
Honors Academic Senate  TBD Rick Schubert (x7494)
Learning Outcomes Dialog College Planning 1st Tuesday @ 3-4:30

Rhonda Farley (x7378)
Kathy McLain (x7144)

Professional Standards Academic Senate TBD Patty Felkner (x7113)
Social Responsibility Academic Senate 2nd & 4th Wednesday @ 1:30 Sandra Carter (x7602)


Other Committees & Groups
Institutional Animal Care & Use Meets once/semester   Andi Salmi (x7216) and Cheryl Buch (x7355)
Disciplinary Appeals   TBD

David Weinshilboum (x7644)

Executive Council TBD TBD Julie Oliver (x7581)
April Robinson (x7426)
 Food Service Advisory Group (FSAG)     Contact:  Cory Wathen (x7252)
Student Government