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Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Faculty Attendance and Arranging for Substitutes
Faculty are expected to meet with their assigned classes on each day of the academic semester. If you cannot meet your assigned class due to illness, an emergency, or other circumstances, you must call the division office as soon as you know, in order to make arrangements with your dean for a substitute, special outside assignment or coverage by a colleague. This should be arranged by mutual agreement between you and the Dean. District guidelines for assigning substitutes will be followed. All substitutes must be: a) in the Faculty Service Area (FSA) of the class for which he/she is substituting; b) on the district’s approved list; and c) processed by the district office before they can be hired and paid. Failure to notify the division dean of an absence may result in loss of pay. More information on using substitutes in the classroom: Substitute Guidelines

Record Keeping and Student Attendance
Record keeping is an important faculty responsibility. It is required that accurate and complete student attendance and grade records are kept for a period of three years. Attendance records are especially important if it is necessary to drop a student for non-attendance.

Student attendance is governed by LRCCD Board Regulation and by Title 5 of the CA Code of Regulations, which states that students who fail to attend the first class may be dropped by the instructor. Students who have not attended at least one of the first three sessions of a class must be dropped as a 'No Show', following the third session of the class. If a class is scheduled for only one session per week, then students who have not attend at least one of the first two session of a class must be dropped as a 'No Show' following the second session of the class.

Students can also be dropped for excessive absences (when a student absence exceeds at least 6% of the total hours of class time). To implement this practice, an instructor must state what constitutes excessive absence in the course syllabus. Additionally, the state monitors whether students who receive financial aid are attending classes.

To drop a student, use the process that is provided on the eServices faculty roster. This is done by clicking on the drop button next to the student's name on the on-line drop roster. The on-line roster of active students and dropped students will reflect students still actively enrolled and those that have been dropped.

Please use discretion in excusing student absences, for extenuating circumstances. Documented illness and official college field trips should be excused and the students granted an opportunity to make up the work missed.

The attendance accounting period is the third week of instruction for full-term classes. Attendance accounting for shorter and Odd Term classes is 20% of class time (exact dates are available in the Instruction Office, Room CC 170).

Dismissal of Classes
Faculty shall arrange their coursework in such a way that each full class session will meet at scheduled times. Care must also be exercised not to hold students beyond the scheduled time, in order that students have time. Such considerations impact both the district’s ability to claim apportionment for all class meeting times and the students’ rights to breaks during classes of extended duration. In addition, classes that meet beyond a specified number of minutes must have a break built into each class session.

Student Waiver
Each student in class that has activities beyond the lecture (e.g., use of tools, equipment, physical activity, etc.) must complete the Student Waiver form. This form must also be completed and signed for each field trip. This form has fill-in blanks so that instructors can input the class name/number or field trip name and print them out for students to sign. The waivers must be kept for two years. This form may not be changed without prior approval by the Los Rios CCD District General Services Department.

Final Exams
Los Rios CCD Policy P-7200(9.0) requires that final projects, portfolios, performances, examinations, or other assessments must be completed by students enrolled in all courses.  Grading principles are that every student be required to participate in the final course assessment. In addition, faculty members must meet their classes during the time scheduled for final assessment or examination, as the hours allocated for such activities are a portion of the total instructional hours for the course. Faculty should plan their final course assessments or exams so they have sufficient time to submit their final grades in accordance with the deadlines established by the District. Please click on the following link to view the schedule for this semester:  Final Exam Schedule

Children in the Classroom
It is a faculty member’s prerogative to allow or not allow children in class. While Los Rios CCD policy does not prohibit this, parents must be made aware that if their children are allowed in class, they must not disrupt the class or be left out in the hall or in other rooms. The parent is responsible for the child’s behavior and should provide some quiet, non-disruptive activity. The college strongly recommends that children only be brought to class under exceptional circumstances and not on a regular basis.