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Expectations for Student Behavior

Expectations for Student Behavior

As members of the CRC community, we are entitled to, and responsible for, creating a campus climate that supports excellence in teaching and learning, personal growth and development, and an atmosphere that is safe for, and respectful to, all students, faculty, and staff. Every member of our community must abide by guidelines, regulations, and agreements. Students are a vital part of the college and are expected to abide by guidelines, regulations, laws, and agreements. The college has expectations and standards for appropriate student behavior, often considered “common courtesies”. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Respectful and appropriate use of campus facilities, resources, and services - the cafeteria, library, and any other gathering space on campus are shared spaces and require students to manage their language, volume, tone, and the content of their personal conversations. Students are expected to clean up after themselves, follow rules, and be respectful of others.
  • Respectful interactions with faculty, staff, and students - While students may feel frustrated or angry, it is not appropriate to yell at, curse, insult, threaten or accuse others. Resolving conflict includes dialogue and requires understanding as well as patience. Students who are unsure of the appropriate steps to take in order to resolve an issue are encouraged to consult a CRC Counselor, the Dean of Counseling, Dean of Student Services, or Campus Police.
  • Being a responsible student - Showing up to class on time, being prepared, completing assignments, communicating with the professor, and participating appropriately in class are all essential to being a responsible student on a college campus. Students must make every effort to be on time and to communicate to faculty when they will be late or unable to attend.

Please share these expectations with your students.