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Absence Reporting
All classified and management employees must turn in an absence report each month, whether absent or not. Faculty must submit a report for each month that an absence occurs. After 90 calendar days of employment, temporary classified, student and substitute employees are eligible for paid sick leave if they have at least 2 hours of accrued sick leave (one hour is accrued for every 30 hours worked). Absence Reports for Classified, Certificated or Temporary employees are available in Division Offices. Refer to the LRCCD Employee Benefits webpage for additional information related to Absence Reporting for Classified, Certificated, or Temporary employees. Questions related to reporting absences should be directed to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction at 916-691-7408 (faculty) or Vice President of Administrative Services at 916-691-7547 (classified).

Accident/Injury Reporting--Employees
When there is an on the job injury, the first priority is to obtain the necessary medical treatment. For an emergency, immediately call 9-1-1, followed by Los Rios Police at 916-558-2221 (press 0 to speak to dispatcher). For non-emergency medical treatment, call the College Nurse at 916-691-7767 or 916-691-7254. Once the situation is stable, call Company Nurse at 888-375-9780 to report the injury. Refer to the District's Workers' Compensation webpage for additional information on Workers' Compensation Procedures and Company Nurse.

Following is a list of forms that will need to be submitted related to injury or illness (within one workday, forward all copies of the completed forms to the Administrative Services for processing).

  1. DWC-1 Form file icon.DWCForm1.pdf: Employee’s Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits.
    a. In order to immediately notify the District of an Employee’s claim, the Supervisor much complete items 1 (name & date, 12 and 13 and immediately forward a copy of the form to Administrative Services and give the original copy back to the employee.
    b. The Employee is to complete items 2 through 9 and return the form to the supervisor. Note: if employee is not available to receive the form, it is the supervisor responsibility to mail the form to the employee.
    c. The Supervisor will complete items 14 through 19 of the “Employer” section. The Supervisor will give a copy to the employee as receipt, and send the copies to the Administrative Services.
    d. It is the responsibility of the employee to return the DWC-1 to you if they decided to put in a claim of the injury or illness and they have a year to decide to put in the claim.

  2. Form 5020 file icon.Form5020.pdf: Employee’s Report of Occupational Injury or illnes
    a. Complete items 7 through 26 of the “Injury or Illness” Item 27-29 is the name and address of physician employee attended for the work injury or illness. The supervisor may need to interview the employee and get the physician’s info
    b. Complete items 30 through 38 of the “Employee” section (leave box 37b blank). For item 36, indicate the date the employee started at working he District (in some instances, an employee may have worked previously at a District location other CRC).
    c. The Supervisor will sign and date the completed form.

    3. Supervisor’s Report of Employee Injury file icon.SUPERVISOR_Report_of_Injury.pdf:When an employee reports an injury, the Supervisor’s Report of Employee injury is completed by the supervisor to describe an accident involving an employee and to identify any unsafe conditions, procedures, or acts that may have occurred. The form also allows the supervisor to propose remedies aimed at preventing repeat accidents.

Accident/Injury Reporting--Non-Employees
Non-employees include: students, volunteers, spectators, or other campus visitors. For an emergency, immediately call 9-1-1, followed by Los Rios Police at 916-558-2221 (press 0 to speak to dispatcher). For non-emergency medical treatment, call the College Nurse at 916-691-7767 or 916-691-7254. Complete the Standard Non-Employee Accident/Incident Report Form with the injured party and send it along with the Agreement to Participate and Waiver/Assumption of Risk Form (students in non-lecture classes/activities) or Volunteer Release Form, when applicable, to your supervisor or College Operations office.

ADA Accommodation
Employees with a physical or mental impairment that limits one or more major life activities (e.g., work), may request a reasonable accommodation to perform the essential duties of the position by submitting the ADA/FEHA Accommodation Request Form (available on the District Human Resources Forms webpage) to the ADA/504 Officer (Vice President of Administrative Services).

Budget and Accounting/Journal Entries

The budget is a unit's annual authorized spending limit - by overall unit total and each unique budget number (Business Unit - Account - Fund - Program - Sub-Class - Budget Year - Project). When necessary, a Budget Entry must be completed and sent by an authorized approver to the CRC-Budget-Entries email to adjust the budget (spending limit) to the projected annual expenditures for each budget number. An Accounting or Journal Entry is used to transfer actual expenditures (or revenue) between budget numbers. A typical Journal Entry is used to transfer expenditures between fund/project or program codes to ensure that revenues/expenditures are recorded in the correct funding source (e.g., categorical program) and program code (e.g., instructional TOP code or administrative/support activity). Refer to SOP for additional information. 

Budget/Accounting Reports

The PeopleSoft Financials webpage and Crystal Reports have reports to assist in managing division and program budgets. The PeopleSoft Financials webpage reports include: Budget Balance Summary (with descriptions) that provides summary level budget and expenditure information by Organization Code, and Account Balance & Transaction History that provides transaction details for a specific budget number (Business Unit - Account - Fund - Program - Sub-Class - Budget Year - Project). The PS Financials webpage also includes other financial information related to Purchase Orders, Budget/Journal Entries, PS Account Descriptions, etc. The PS Report information can be downloaded to Excel for further analysis. Crystal Reports contains an OCB by EmplID Report, which is similar to the PS Budget Balance Summary report, except pre-formatted with headers, descriptions and subtotals.

Bus Requests

In addition to College vans or rental vehicles, buses may be requested for long trips with large groups, where providing drivers is not practical. The Bus Request Form should be submitted to the Vice President of Administrative Services Administrative Assistant by April 15th for bus trips in the following academic/fiscal year. If the requests exceed the amount of funds available for bus rentals, a Bus Oversight Taskgroup will prioritize the requests to determine the order in which they will be funded. file icon.Bus_Request_Form.pdf

Business Cards

Business cards are provided without charge to permanent new or promotional employees for the first box of cards. Division budgets are charged for additional cards. Submit the Business Card Request Form, available on the Forms webpage, and follow the instructions.

Compensatory Time Off (CTO) - See Overtime

Campus Keys
Only College/District employees may be issued keys. It is important that every employee obtains and carries keys to unlock and lock facilities to protect life and property in the event of an emergency or to prevent theft. Submit a completed and approved (by Division Manager) Key Request Form to LRPD. Keys should be available at LRPD within a few business days after receiving the Key Request Form. Employees are responsible for the proper use and security of keys. Keys may not be copied or loaned to others. All keys must be turned in to your supervisor upon resignation, retirement or other breaks in service, or when the keys are no longer needed, e.g., change in room assignment.

Campus Vehicle Use
The campus has four vans available for checkout by employees on a first come basis. All drivers must have a valid California drivers license and complete the District's driver requirements. A Request for Vehicle Use form, available in division offices, must be completed and turned into the College Operations office to reserve the vehicle. Refer to the District Transportation Handbook for additional information.


See Food Services


Donations Refer to SOP for additional information


Refer to SOP Surplus Equipment for additional information

Email Accounts
Once you have been processed through the Los Rios Human Resources Dept., (HR), the College automatically sets up your computer login and e-mail account. If you have problems with your login or accessing your College e-mail, check with HR to ensure you have completed all required steps. If you have completed them, contact the Help Desk (916-568-3012) for assistance.

Food Services

The College/District Food Service Provider (Aramark) has exclusive right to provide food services on campus, with the exception of limited food services provided by vending machines, the College Store, the Culinary Arts Program and limited dates for student fund raising activities. Food purchased from vendors other than the College/District Food Service Provider are not reimbursed unless approved in writing by the Food Service Provider and the Vice President of Administrative Services prior to purchase. Refer to the Cultural Event Handbook and the SOP for Food Services for additional information.

Hiring-Classified Temporary (Employment Forms) & Hiring-Student Help (Employment Forms)
The Business Services Office (BSO) performs as the liaison between the District and the campus' area offices in hiring Student Help (STU), Federal Work Study (FWS) and Temporary Classified (TCL) employees as well as distributing payroll for all employees. The following area is designed to provide an overview of the STU/FWS's & TCL's eligibility requirements, employment process, required documents to hire employees, wages & hours, employment limitations, timesheets and payroll distribution.

Hiring-Regular Classified 
The supervisor, in coordination with the Vice President of Administration or appropriate District Office Manager, completes a posting request in PeopleAdmin and forwards to the VPA or appropriate District Office manager. Classified Hiring Procedure

  • Once approved by the VPA/manager, the posting is forwarded to the Human Resources Director.
  • Following approval by the Human Resources Director, the posting is forwarded to Fiscal Services for a position number, transaction number, and approval. The completed posting is then returned to Human Resources.
  • Human Resources then opens the position. Positions are advertised for a minimum of ten business days.
  • After the position closes, all applications are screened by the Human Resources Director. Those applicants who do not meet the minimum qualifications are notified via email from Human Resources. The remaining applications are forwarded to the college/work site in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining language regarding lateral transfers, promotions, etc.

IT/Telecom Services

Requests for repairs/maintenance of existing IT or Telecom services should be reported to the District Office Help Desk (ext 3012).

Intercampus Mail
Mail delivery and pickup service to all CRC departments for official intra-/inter-campus mail is processed and delivered daily to all areas by 12:00p.m. All out-going mail must arrive in Mail Services (located in the OPS Building) by 2:00p.m. to guarantee same day processing. Personal US Mail is not processed by the Mail Services, but may be placed into the outgoing mail box by College employees. Please make sure your mail has a return name and address on it. If you do not put a return name and address on your mail, the item may be held in the Main Center until proper identification of the sender can be verified. Mail Services does not sell postage stamps. (Stamps can be purchased at the Bookstore).

Faculty teaching on-campus have mail distributed in the Division Office mailbox location. Your mailbox is provided for college related material only. Please check it frequently.

Overtime/Compensated Time Off
Overtime rules vary by employee group - refer to the LRCEA, LRSA and SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA). In general, overtime is earned for hours in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week for non-exempt employees, except as provided for in agreed upon alternative work schedules. Overtime must be approved by the supervisor before the hours are worked and, whenever possible, should be accrued and recorded on the Compensated Time Off (CTO) Timesheet if the future workload is expected to allow for additional time off. This allows employees schedules to be adjusted to accommodate fluctuations in workload without exceeding the budgeted salaries. Employees should consult with their supervisor or their CBA/union reps for additional information.

Payroll Periods
Payroll warrants for full-time regular faculty are available on the last working day of the month. Payroll warrants for adjunct faculty, substitutes, and full-time overload are available on the 10th of the month following the month taught. If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, the warrant will be available on the last working day prior to the weekend or holiday. More information can be found under 'Pay Checks' on the 'All Employees' web page.

All purchases must be pre-approved by the appropriate manager, the Vice President of Administrative Services, and the Director of General Services before incurring an expense. A District Requisition (Funds 11, 12, 41) or Campus-based Requisition (Funds 13, 14, 81, 83) Form must be fully completed, including the budget number, and signed by an authorized signer. Division Offices can assist with completing the appropriate Requisition Form. To expedite emergency purchases, the Business Services Office may assist with obtaining an instant cash check or confirming Purchase Order. Multiple quotes should be obtained for all purchases whenever possible to maximize value of each purchase. Three quotes are required for purchases over $1,000 (informal/verbal) and $5,000 (formal/written). Formal bids are required for purchases over $15,000 (public works projects) or the current legal bid limit for non-public works projects. A Blanket Purchase Order can be used for common, recurring expenditures from the same vendor, such as office supplies from Office Depot. Once goods/services are received, notify Receiving (regular POs) or prepare a Blanket Order Release Form. Refer to the District Purchasing Department webpage for additional information and purchasing forms.

The Receiving Department is located in the northeast corner of the campus and is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. All purchase requisitions should direct deliveries to 'Receiving'. When received, the Receiving Department will then deliver items to the appropriate Division Office or department. After verifying that the goods are complete, accurate and in good condition, notify the division office responsible for the requisition so they can notify Receiving to process the online receiver, or prepare a Blanket Order Release, so the vendor can be paid.

Staff Parking Permits
Staff parking permits are available from Police Services and are valid on any District property. Two permits free permits may be issued to each staff member; additional permits or replacement of lost permits can be purchased for $5.00 each. You must provide the make/model/license plate number for each vehicle along with your employee ID.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
SOPs document and inform employees about the college's standard practices and procedures to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness of paperwork to maximize efficiency of resources (time) and reduce delays that negatively impact the delivery of quality programs and services. College-wide service areas should develop SOPs as needed and submit to the appropriate Vice President for review and final approval of the President.

Basic supplies (white paper, copier toner, district forms, pens/pencils, whiteboard markers, etc.) are available in your Division Office workroom. Additional supplies can be ordered by your Division Office from Office Depot or other vendors.

Surplus Equipment


Telephone Directories
Phone Directories are available from the Public Information Office, located in the College Center. You can also use the Online Telephone Directory, which also includes a Departmental Telephone List.


A Travel Authorization & Reimbursement Claim Form must be fully completed, including the expected and actual start date/time and return date/time (for overnight travel), identification of all available funding and approvals. If a cash advance or prepayment of expenses (e.g., registration fee) is requested, the completed form must be submitted to the Business Services Office at least four (4) weeks before the departure date. Allow at least one additional week for approval of Professional Development (see the PD Website) or categorical funds. Out-of-State travel must be approved by the College President and the Chancellor, which can take an additional week. At the conclusion of the travel, complete the reimbursement side of the form with the actual dates/times of travel (from/to) and the actual expenses incurred. Refer to the instructions on the back of the Form or the SOP for more information on the process and allowable reimbursement amounts.


All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Waiver Form prior to providing services. An employee may not also volunteer in the same capacity (e.g., paid and volunteer coach). The District requires an estimated number of annual volunteers by division/type of service so divisions must keep track of the number of volunteers each year.

Other Services and Resources


The processing of grant applications for the College is coordinated by the Dean of College Planning and Research, prior to going to the District Office. Please contact the Dean at 916-691-7144 for more information about the process. Assistance in writing grant applications should be coordinated through your Division Dean who will work with the District's Director of Contracts and Grants.

Graphic Design Services

Human Resources - Los Rios District Office

Library Services

Police Services

Public Information Office (PIO)
The Public Information Officer is responsible for all the marketing and publicity on campus. If you need help advertising a class or a program, call 916-691-7199. The Public Information Office is also charged with updating the information on the marquee at the Center Parkway entrance and the three kiosks at the top of each set of steps.

Research Office

Student Services


Professional Development - College

Professional Development - District


Absences: Forms & Types of Leave

Submitting Absence Report Forms
All faculty, classified staff and managers must submit absence reports each month (whether absent or not), indicating absences if there are any for the month.  Absence forms must be signed both by you as the employee and by your supervisor. Absence reports are due on the first working day of the month that follows the month for which you are reporting; faculty absence reports are to be submitted to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Instruction & Student Learning, and classified staff and managers absence reports are to be submitted to the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Administrative Services & Student Support.

Types of Leave

You are granted three days for in-state and five days for out-of-state travel due to an immediate family member's death. (Relationship to the deceased and whether out-of-state travel was required must be written on the absence report.)

Jury Duty
You must notify your supervisor immediately upon notification of a jury summons. After processing the absence report, you will receive an affidavit from the District Office requesting monies paid (if any) for jury compensation be remitted to them. (You must include monies paid for mileage, meals, parking, etc.) If a check is not submitted to the District, you will receive a loss of pay of the days/times absent.

Military Leave
You must notify your supervisor immediately upon notification of a military responsibility. A copy of the military orders must be attached to the absence report when submitted.

Personal Business
Each full-time contract/regular employee may be granted a maximum of two days per fiscal year to resolve business-type matters which require attention during work hours and which are the responsibility and rightful concern of the individual. Personal business leave is to be used for activities that the employee could not reasonably be expected to accomplish during non-work hours (such as financial or legal appointments).

Personal Necessity
Depending on the collective bargaining contract, six faculty or seven classified days of accrued sick leave may be used during any academic/fiscal year for personal necessity reasons. Personal necessity leave shall be limited to circumstances that are serious in nature that the employee cannot reasonably be expected to disregard, that necessitate immediate attention and that cannot be taken care of outside of work hours or on weekends.  The reason for using personal necessity leave must be written on the absence report when submitted. (Examples of appropriate uses include religious observations, doctor's appointment, car trouble, emergency/unplanned day care for children or illness of immediate family member, family or personal property emergencies, etc.).

Each collective bargaining unit's agreement has more detail on absences and types of leave.