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Award Winners

Award Winners

Crystal Apple Award Winners - Each year CRC faculty are nominated for the Crystal Apple Award based on ASCCC Hayward Award criteria. "The award honors outstanding community college faculty who have a track record of excellence both in teaching and in professional activities and have demonstrated commitment to their students, profession, and college." (ASCCC) The winner of the Crystal Apple Award becomes the CRC nominee for the statewide Hayward Award.

2019 Georgine Hodgkinson

2017 Amanda Paskey; also winner of of statewide ASCCC Hayward Award.

2016 Priscilla LoForte

2015 Heather Hutcheson

2014 Sarah Pollock

2013 Cori Burns

2012 Mathilde Mukantabana

2011 Dennis Hock

2010 Rick Schubert

2009 Maureen Moore

2008 Travis Parker; also winner of statewide ASCCC Hayward Award.

2007 Patricia Wall

2006 Marybeth Buechner

2005 Christine Wagner

2004 Rosalie Amer; also winner of statewide ASCCC Hayward Award.

2003 Debra Sharkey


Golden Hawk Diversity Award Winners - Each year CRC faculty and/or programs are nominated for the Golden Hawk Award based on ASCCC Stanback-Stroud Diversity criteria. The Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award "honors faculty who have made special contributions addressing issues involving diversity." (ASCCC) The winner of the Golden Hawk Award becomes the CRC nominee for the statewide Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award.

2019 Camille Moreno 

2018 Jackie Mathis

2017 Anastasia Panagakos

2016 BJ Snowden

2014 Anthropology Dept.(S. Mills, A. Panagakos, A. Paskey); also winner of statewide ASCCC Stanback-Stroud               Diversity Award.


Sterling Program Award Winners - Each year CRC programs are nominated for the Sterling Program Award based on ASCCC Exemplary Program Award criteria. The Exemplary Program Award "recognizes outstanding community college programs." (ASCCC) The winner of the local award becomes the CRC nominee for the statewide Exemplary Program Award.

2018 Department of Nutrition and Foods-Pathways 

2017 Department of Nutrition and Foods

2016 Early Childhood Education - Pathways to Success Program

2014 OneBook

2012 Freshman Seminar; also winner of statewide ASCCC Exemplary Program Award.