College Planning

Welcome to the College Planning Committee site

Welcome to the College Planning Committee site

Meeting Date/Time: Fall 2017: Sept. 8, Oct. 13, Nov. 17, Dec. 8; 9:00 AM - 10:30 PM, LRC-125


Scott Crosier - Faculty Chair

Paul Meinz - Classified Chair

Heather Tilson - Executive Secretary Administrative Chair

Faculty Members:

Scott Crosier, SME

Lisa Marchand, HSS

Rhonda Farley, HSS

Emily Bond, LRCT

Yolanda Garcia Gomez, SS

Michelle Barkley, SS

Michael Russell – SME

Chitoh Emetarom - SME

Classified Members:

Grace Corpuz

Paul Meinz

Christina Ocrant

April Robinson

Julie Olson

Jennifer Patrick

Timothy Hixon


Tremar Moore


Heather Tilson, CPC Executive Secretary; Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (x7144)

Shannon Cooper, Dean of Counseling and Student Services (x7738)

Colette Harris-Mathews, Dean of Comm., Visual & Perf. Arts (x7171)


Admin. Assistant:

 Frances Anderson (x7303)