College Planning

Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee

Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee

Purpose: to support the implementation and integration of student learning and service area outcomes assessment at the college.

Most directly, the Learning Outcomes Dialogue Subcommittee achieves this purpose through the following: 

  • Assessing and modifying (as needed) the outcomes assessment process.
  • Ensuring that assessment results are disseminated and integrated with campus processes.
  • Ensuring that the assessment processes are consistent with our campus culture, are flexible and versatile, produce useful results that lead to program improvement and enhanced student success, and are not overly burdensome and time consuming. 
  • Providing support for the outcomes assessment process and the SLO Coordinator.
  • Making recommendations for changes and/or resources needed to support the implementation and integration of outcomes assessment at the college.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Engage in explorative and open discussion of the outcomes assessment process
  2. Coordinate, plan, and conduct activities that support the outcomes assessment
  3. Assist with evaluating and improving the outcomes assessment process
  4. Distribute information to employees about workshops, seminars and available resources related to outcomes assessment
  5. Dialogue about and disseminate program and college-wide SLO assessment results to connect outcomes assessment with other college processes and practices
  6. Support the college's strategic plan in the area of outcomes assessment

Committee Membership

Faculty Membership:  All areas/units shall be represented.  The faculty chair shall be the Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Coordinator.  It is strongly recommended that the subcommittee contain the faculty researcher and a representative from the planning and the curriculum committees.  Responsibilities of the subcommittee chair include but are not limited to developing meeting agenda, ensuring meeting minutes are maintained, and making monthly reports to the Planning Committee.  The chair is also responsible for communicating subcommittee issues to the attention of the Senate and to appropriate college and district groups for review, assistance, research and possible recommendation.

Classified Membership:  At least three members, including the College Research Analyst, shall be designated by the Classified Senate, in consultation with the College President.

Administrative Membership:  At least three administrators, including the Dean of College Planning and Research, shall be designated by the College President.  The Dean of College Planning and Research shall serve as the executive secretary for the sub-committee.  It is recommended that the other administrators be area deans.

Student Membership:  Three members designated by the Associated Student Government, in consultation with the College President.