Participatory Governance



PGC meetings are held every third Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm

Participatory Governance


The purpose of the Participatory Governance Committee is to make recommendations to the College President on matters relating to the participatory governance structure and function that affect two or more constituent groups of the College. Issues will come from constituent groups to the College President/Executive Council, which includes the President of each constituent group (or a representative), as an information item and then to the Participatory Governance Committee. In response, the Committee will draft a reply to all constituencies and any affected committee. (Additional areas of responsibility for this committee may arise.)

Committee Chair

In order to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, no currently sitting constituent president will serve as chair of this committee. The duties and responsibilities will be shared in a co-chair relationship with the past-presidents of the Academic and Classified Senates. If either co-chair resigns, the constituent group will be responsible for appointing a new member to take over that role.

Committee Policies

  • The Committee will use Robert's Rules of Order as the operating structure for conducting the committee meetings.
  • A quorum for proposing motions and for voting purposes is one representative from three of the four constituency groups, in addition to one or both of the co-chairs.
  • All members of the committee are voting members.
  • Special meetings may be called or convened by either of the co-chairs as needed.
  • The Participatory¬†Governance Committee is empowered to create subcommittees as needed.

Committee Membership

There will be twelve members on this committee, three members from each constituent group.

  • Faculty Membership: the Academic Senate President, Vice President and past President.
  • Administrative Membership: Vice President for Instruction (will also serve as Executive Secretary) and two additional members designated by the Management Council in consultation with the College President.
  • Classified Membership: the Classified Senate President, Vice President and past President.
  • Student Membership: Three members designated by the Associated Student Government President in consultation with the College President.

Approved 2002-03
Reviewed 2007-08