Moore, Maureen

Moore, Maureen

CRC is a great place to work and learn. I began working at CRC in 1993 as a night clerk in the Science, Math & Engineering Division. In this capacity, I learned a great deal about student services, little-known departments and important people around campus.

From that part time clerk position I moved into an internship, where I had the amazing opportunity to serve under the awesome instruction of Oliver Durand, who was the first president of the college when it first opened in the 1970s. After my one year internship, I became an Adjunct Instructor in the Humanities Department and served in that position from 1995-1999, teaching both regular courses as well as televised classes through CRC's Media program.

In 1999, I became a full time Humanities Professor, a position that I love to this day! 

photo of Maureen Moore