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First Year Experience, Cosumnes River College.


FAQ - FYE Summer Experience

FAQ - FYE Summer Experience

What are the dates and times of the Summer Experience?

The Summer Experience will be two weeks, Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 1:00.

Dates: August 5 – 16, 2019

How do I sign up?

What happens after I sign up?

Enjoy your summer! Staff will reach out to you by email with next steps throughout the summer.

How long do I have to decide if I want to participate?

Registration will close July 8th.

Do I need to have 15 units when I sign up?

You need to have 15 units, or plan to be enrolled in 15 units by the time the summer experience begins.

Students who are receiving accommodations may take fewer units. We will work directly with DSPS to ensure students are supported. 

Why 15 units? Full-time is 12 units.

While 12 units is considered full-time, think of 15 units as being “on-time.” One of CRC’s goals is to support students to reach their goal in 2 years; and since most degrees and transfer require 60 units, taking 15 units a semester will get students out “on-time.”

Additionally, students who are taking 15 units a semester may qualify for the Student Success Completion Grant.

Research also shows that students who take 15 units have higher GPAs, and are more likely to continue (persist).

What if I can’t make all the dates of the Summer Experience.

In order to receive the textbook assistance benefit, you must attend the full two weeks.

What will I be doing during the 2 weeks Summer Experience?

You will be placed into a math and English class that matches your strength in both subjects. These classes are interactive – it’s not your traditional math and English class - and are designed to refresh and strengthen your skills to get you ready for college-level math and English!

There is also a “College Skills” class, and this class is about navigating the campus, learning about resources, and using your strengths to support your success. You will be connected with Peer Mentors and other staff. It’s a great way to get connected and start to feel like you are a part of the CRC community.

What are the benefits of participating in the two week Summer Experience?

Benefits of participating in the Summer Experience include:

  • Early connections to professors, Peer Mentors, and staff
  • Text book assistance in the fall and spring
  • A strong start to your college journey will be fun.


Will I need to bring my lunch to the two week Summer Experience?

Lunch will be provided each day of the two week Summer Experience.