Loss of Priority Registration

Loss of Priority Registration

What does this mean?

Effective for the summer/fall 2014 registration cycle, students with more than
90 degree-applicable units completed within the Los Rios Community College 
District and students with two consecutive terms of probation or dismissal will
no longer be eligible for priority registration. Affected students will register during
Open Registration.

First-time college students will be required to complete all matriculation components/Steps to Success by established deadlines. These components are Online Orientation, Assessment, and Course/Education Planning.  Students who do not complete these Steps to Success and lose their priority registration status will register during Open Registration. Except for Advanced Education participants, students who have attended college during spring 2014 and earlier will be exempt from the requirement to complete the Steps to Success. However, exempted students are certainly welcome to take advantage of these very important activities.

I am a first-time college student. When must I complete the Steps to Success to register during Priority 1 enrollment?

First-time college students must complete the Steps to Success by April 1 for summer/fall Priority 1 registration or by November 1 for spring Priority 1 registration. Meet the deadlines and we can guarantee Priority 1 enrollment. Otherwise, the best priority registration window you could expect to receive would be during Priority 2. Please see District Registration Dates for more information.

I was a first-time college student for summer/fall registration. I missed the April 1 deadline and had to register during Priority 2. What will happen to me for the upcoming spring registration cycle?

You absolutely must complete those Steps to Success by November 1 to guarantee not being assigned a registration appointment during Open Registration. There is no appeal for losing priority registration status due to the failure to complete the Steps to Success.

I normally register during Priority 0. Am I exempt? 

No. Any student can lose his/her priority registration status by completing too many
units in our college district, being placed on probation or dismissal for two consecutive terms, or failing to complete the Steps to Success (as a first-time college student after spring 2014).

Which classes are counted when determining if I have completed
too many units?

Only coursework completed within the Los Rios Community College District will be considered. Additionally, only coursework that is degree-applicable will be counted in the 90-unit limit. Examples of classes that wouldn't be counted are Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, English or Math Labs, Advanced Placement credit, and other college/university transfer credit.

Is there an appeal?

Yes, but grounds for a successful appeal are very limited and specific. Review the appeal form carefully and submit the completed form to the Admissions and Records Office. Appeals are specific to a registration cycle. This means that an affected student will need to submit an appeal for each registration cycle the he/she is in a loss of priority status.

     Reinstatement of Priority Registration Request Form


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