Registration Dates

Registration Dates

Registration for a semester or summer session is broken into six enrollment periods.

P-0.5: Current Los Rios students who will be transferring to a university and/or will completing their A.A./A.S. degree requirements at the end of the upcoming term. Current students must also have completed at least 12.0 units within the Los Rios Community College District.  Students must meet with a counselor to determine eligibility.
P-1: Current Los Rios students.
P-2: New matriculated students.
P-3: New non-matriculated, transfer, and returning students.
P-4: Advanced Education students (see Counseling website).

Open: All students.

Veterans interested in receiving priority registration must submit a copy of their DD-214 to the Admissions & Records Office. Active-duty military personnel must show their military identification. Current or former foster youth 24 years old or younger should contact the Admissions & Records Office for more information.

Within periods P-0.5 through P-4 students are randomly assigned (by our computer system) a day and time that will be the earliest that the students may register for classes. Students eligible for P-0.5 will have their day and time adjusted after submission of the appropriate paperwork to the Admissions & Records Office. Once students have reached their assigned day and time, they may register anytime thereafter. The current priority registration system may be changed at the discretion of the Los Rios Board of Trustees and/or the State of California.

Spring 2014 Semester (classes begin in January 2014)

Priority Registration Period Enrollment Dates
P-0.5 November 27, 2013
P-1 December 2 - 12
P-2 December 13 - 15
P-3 December 16 - 18
P-4 December 19 - 22
Open December 23


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