Residency Requirements

Residency Requirements

Ten Things You Should Know About California Residency

  1. California residency for fee purposes is established by California state law and the California Code of Regulations. The Los Rios Community College District must comply with these laws and regulations. The term "California resident" for fee purposes may differ from other definitions of California residency. A person who has a California driver's license/vehicle registration or who is a California resident for tax, voting, or welfare purposes may have established legal residence in the state, but may not necessarily be considered a resident for fee purposes.
  2. The Los Rios Community College District cannot alter or waive the eligibility requirements for any reason.
  3. Under California law, if you have moved to California primarily to attend a California college, then you are not eligible for in-state resident fees.
  4. Living in California for 12 months is not an automatic qualification for in-state fees.
  5. You must prove through official and/or legal documents that you have moved to California permanently and are not merely living in California temporarily while you attend college, however long your course of study takes.
  6. Financial hardship cannot be considered in evaluating California residency for fee purposes eligibility.
  7. Legal ties that you maintain in another state or country (e.g., state tax
    liability, driver's license, voter registration, etc.) will disqualify you from residency reclassification, regardless of your reason(s) for maintaining
    these ties.
  8. Evidence of the following will disqualify you from California residency for fee purposes:
         a.  If you have been claimed as a dependent on anyone's income tax
              return within the past three years.
         b.  Have accepted more than $750 in financial support from a parent in
              any form within the past three years.
         c.  Lived with a parent for more than six weeks a year for the past three
    In each of these cases, you shall be considered financially dependent and therefore cannot meet the core requirement of demonstrated financial independence necessary to qualify for reclassification from non-resident to resident.
  9. Despite the length of time you attend a Los Rios college or live in California you might not qualify for California residency for fee purposes.
  10. Residency reclassification applications and all supporting documentation must be submitted during the term in which reclassification is requested.

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