Study Guides

Study Guides

Please take time to review before you take your assessments.

Links to review websites are provided as a courtesy for your use. They were not created, nor are they maintained, by Cosumnes River College. Please note that links on this page open new windows in your Internet browser.

Below are links to PDF's of sample tests for each of the Math Levels, the English Writing and ESL tests given at CRC. (If you are not sure what Math test to take, review the Math Testing Guide). The study guides cover a wide range of topics, and have some overlap between testing levels. What follows are suggestions for which study guides you might want to use. In some cases, you will need to use more than one to cover the topics that will be found in the assessments.

If you plan to take the Algebra Readiness (AR) test:

Placement into Math 30 (pre-algebra)

If you plan to take EITHER the Algebra Readiness OR the Elementary Algebra test:

Placement into Math 100 (elementary algebra)

Placement into Math 102 (the second half of elementary algebra)

If you plan to take EITHER the Elementary Algebra OR the Intermediate Algebra tests: 

Placement into Math 120, 125 (intermediate algebra)

If you plan to take the Intermediate Algebra test:

Placement into Math 300, 310, 335, 343, or Statistics 300 (college-level math, including statistics and business math/business calculus)

If you plan to take the Pre-Calculus test:

Pre Calculus (trigonometry, pre-calculus and calculus I)

Below are study guides for English and ESL:

English Placement

ESL Practice level 1

ESL Compass

Other Study/Review Materials:

We do not currently have any web links for English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) review.

The Math Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) website offers two practice tests. For review, use the Calculus Readiness test, as CRC does not administer the Math Analysis test.

Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) hosts a site at which you can take practice tests for Math, English, and the Ability to Benefit. The site includes links to answers to the test items. Cosumnes River College is providing a link to this site, but does not maintain any of the contents or the internal links at the LAVC site. Following this link opens a new window and takes you to the LAVC site.

The sites below provide in-depth review of a wide range of Math topics. (This site offers video clips of students and instructors demonstrating many Math topics - some are demonstrated in Spanish. The site is NOT fully ADA compliant, however, and is not sponsored by CRC.)


Remember, assessment for initial course placement at CRC is an important part of your preparation to start college coursework. Once you have been placed into CRC courses via the assessment process, retesting will NOT be allowed, except under specific circumstances.

If you have questions about testing or retesting at CRC, please contact:


Maria Aguirre, Assessment SPA
(916) 691-7332


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