Testing Schedule

Testing Schedule



New Retest Policy and Standard Assessment Practices



Assessment Hours: Mon-Thurs:  9am-7pm & Fri: 9am-1pm

Testing Hours:

Mon-Thurs: last seating is at 4:30pm

Fri: last seating is at 12pm

Testing Hours: Depending on which test(s) you want to take students may check-in and be seated as late as 4:30 pm, but no later. 

**Saturday Testing:

February 20th last seating is at 10:30am              March 5th last seating is at 1pm

February 27th last seating is at 1pm                     March 12th last seating is at 1pm

                                                                              March 19th last seating is at 1pm

For more information call the Assessment Center (916) 691-7332.


The Testing Schedule  lists:

  • Drop-in times for Placement Testing (includes Reading Competency)
  • Appointment times for Mathematics Competency testing
  • Appointment times for the Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) Test

Allow Approximately...

English/Reading Placement - 1.5 hours
Math Placement - 1.5 hours
ESL Placement- 2.5 hour
Reading Competency - 1.5 hours
(For Walk-in testing, if testing time is listed as 10am-2pm, students may check-in and be seated as late as 2pm, but no later.)
Math Competency - 1 hour
Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) - 2 hours
Call (916) 691-7332 to schedule an appointment for ESL, Math Competency or Ability-to-Benefit tests)

NOTE: Calculators and cell phones are not allowed during testing!

Arrive… Plan to arrive AT LEAST One HOUR before the scheduled start time. Late arrivals will not be permitted. Drop-in testing is done on a space-available basis. If you arrive and seats are not available, you may be required to return on another date.

Where… L-106C, in the Library Building.

Bring… Valid Photo I.D. (Valid photo identification includes any of the following: Unexpired Driver's License or Identification issued by one of the 50 states of the United States of America; a VALID passport; a VALID (i.e.,current) High School I.D. card (with photo); or a United States Military I.D.)

Know… Your 7-digit CRC Student I.D. Number. If you have not yet obtained a CRC Student number, you will not be able to test.

Results… Test results can be picked up immediately after testing when taking a computerized test. If taking a test using the paper/pencil method, test results will be available 2 business days from the time of testing. Only the test-taker can pick up test results, and must present valid I.D. when picking up test results.

Testing Schedule

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