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Eureka Job Search Guide

Eureka Job Search Guide

The EUREKA Job Search Guide contains information that will be helpful to you if you are looking for a new or different job. Job Search provides tips for writing a resume, completing job applications, preparing for a job interview and much more.

To prepare for your job search, you need to:

  • gather some facts about your education, work history, and skills.
  • identify and define your career objectives.
  • gather information on companies, their products, and services.

Then you will want to introduce yourself to employers on paper and in person. The Job Search Guide can help you get started by providing you with valuable information and tips.

Planning your job search strategy. A job search is a full-time effort. It takes getting yourself organized, spending lots of time and energy doing research, mapping out your strategy, finding ways to keep a positive outlook, and making decisions.

Finding work that is satisfying takes planning and preparation. Whether you are a first time job seeker, employed, or a re-entry worker, you need to organize your job search to improve your chances in the current labor market. The Job Search Guide will help you understand the job search process and prepare you for today's competitive job market.

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Job Search Topics

Job Search Guide Overview & Contents

  • Biggest Job Hunting Mistakes and What to Do Instead
  • California labor laws
  • Counselor's Job Search Bibliography
  • Employment Testing
  • Federal labor laws
  • Glossary of Job Search Terms
  • State labor laws
  • Student Job Search Bibliography

What can I offer an employer?

  • How can what you learned in school help you?
  • How can your experience help an employer?
  • How can your volunteer experience help?
  • How do I identify and develop my skills and accomplishments?
  • What employers look for
  • Will your experience as an Intern help?

What Job Search tools and techniques should I use?

  • Associations, journals, and newsletters
  • Career Fairs can help you
  • Employment agencies
  • Finding international jobs
  • Finding jobs in a specific geographic area
  • Getting a job using the internet
  • Hidden job market.
  • How to use the telephone in your job search
  • Informational Interview
  • Job leads
  • Letter of introduction
  • Networking
  • Newspaper want ads
  • Recruiting techniques
  • Support services

What should I know before applying for a job?

  • Are you ready to complete an application?
  • Ex-offenders
  • Your Job Application Worksheet

What should I know about resumes?

  • Cover letter format.
  • Editing your resume
  • E-resumes
  • Identifying your skills and accomplishments
  • Letter of recommendation
  • References
  • Resume resources
  • Resume styles