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Major Exploration

Major Exploration


Know what your strengths, weakness, personality quirks, and interests are.


Find out what courses are required for certain majors and what the career opportunities are for certain majors.


Talk to people who are specialists in the field you want to go in to like professors, career counselors, employers, and CRC's Career Center Specialist. 


What majors best suit my personality?

Come in to the Career Center to take the Meyers-Briggs ($12) and Strong Interest ($13) tests to find out which majors and careers best suit your personality! 

Other online personality quizzes:


What are the requirements for the major I am interested in?

Look through CRC's Degree Requirements for the Major you are interested in. 

What are the career opportunities for the major I am interested in?

Look through our booklet to find out what careers you can pursue with particular majors.

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Other useful online websites with information on careers: 

Who should I talk to for more information about this major?

Schedule an appointment with a counselor, the morenob (at) crc [dot] losrios [dot] edu (career specialist), or meet with one of your professors in the major you are interested in. 

Major Exploration