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Career Center Services

Career Center Services

 Career Planning

  • Planning for your future requires motivation and desire to accomplish educational, career and life goals.
  • Conducting research and gathering information on occupations, career options, majors/programs and general world of work information is essential.
  • Utilizing available resources for your research needs.

Career/Self Exploration and Assessments

  • Learn to identify your interests, skills and values by using different methods, resources and tools to discover more information about yourself and how it relates to your career decision making and future plans
  • Use assessment tools that help to identify your interests, skills and personality characteristics that can assist in the exploration process
  • Learn how to navigate through computerized career guidance programs such as EUREKA
  • EUREKA: A database and career exploration tool used for identifying and planning careers; A library of job descriptions, programs of study, state and national schools, and financial aid information is available on the Internet; EUREKA also includes skills assessments for more than 800 occupations

Job Search

  • The Los Rios LINCS, Los Rios' new and improved online Career and Internship search site is now available!

Job Search Preparation

  • Preparing for employment is an essential part of creating a path to our future. Take the initiative to plan ahead and get organized so that you will be ready for the world of work
  • The Career Center's Resource Library is available to help you do your research and collect information for various employment preparation needs
  • Research the company or organization where you plan to apply
  • Obtain job descriptions for each of the positions for which you are applying
  • Prepare a resume and cover letter
  • Develop and polish interviewing skills and techniques
  • Build and refine communication skills for professionalism and presentation
  • Dress professionally and conservatively for the interview
  • Understand yourself, your learning styles, your interests, skills, abilities and values for the purpose of finding a job that fits you. 

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