Disability Support (DSPS)

New Students

New Students


The CRC DSPS Office serves students with documented disabilities. If you are a new student who will attend CRC and are interested in receiving services from our office, please complete the following steps. 
Note:  Prepare to complete the necessary steps in time for registration.  Registration into classes begins in late April (for Summer/Fall) and again in late November (For Spring) so we encourage you to plan ahead.

1. Application for Admission and Orientation. If not already enrolled, complete a Los Rios Community College District online application. In preparation for college, complete CRC’s Steps to Success.

2. Disability Verification. You must provide documentation of your diagnosis from an authorized professional. If you do not already have documentation, a file icon.Disability Verification Form can be completed by your doctor or appropriate professional. Your high school may also have documentation that you can obtain such as an IEP or 504 Plan. Bring a copy of the documentation stating your diagnosis to the initial DSPS appointment.

3. file icon.DSPS Application for Services Complete the program application, sign and date. Bring this to the initial DSPS appointment.

4. Initial DSPS Appointment. Acquire your necessary documents and then schedule your intake appointment with a DSPS counselor by calling (916) 691-7275. This appointment is a one-hour session so please plan accordingly. You will want to schedule far in advance due to increased enrollment at our campus. At the DSPS appointment, your eligibility for services will be determined and any accommodations based on your educational limitations will be outlined.

Assessment Tests. If you have taken the assessment, bring your scores to your appointment. For study guides, more information and testing schedules please visit the Assessment Center website. If you need disability-based accommodations for the tests, please contact DSPS.

file icon.Release of Information You may sign a release during your first appointment or at any time which will allow a DSPS professional to interact with other individuals on campus for purposes of collaboration on your educational goals. This could include discussions with instructor(s), general counseling, and/or Department of Rehabilitation, as examples. Your specific disability would not be disclosed unless you specifically allowed DSPS to discuss those aspects.

Registration Priority Changes (effective starting Summer/Fall 2014): New students who have not attended college before, will be encouraged to complete new matriculation steps (Steps to Success) in order to obtain priority registration for the upcoming registration term. If you have completed the steps and enrolled in the DSPS program by the district deadlines for upcoming registration periods, you will receive DSPS priority registration for that particular term and thereafter. Continuing students who have priority registration may lose that priority once they’ve earned 90 degree-applicable units at Los Rios, or if they are placed in academic or progress probation for two consecutive terms. For information on priority registration or the appeal process for loss of priority registration, visit

For more information please contact the DSPS office at (916) 691-7275.

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Location: BS-104

MON - FRI 8:00am-4:30pm

Phone: (916) 691-7275
Fax: (916) 691-7398

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